Fondue Smithee Weekend

The Lady Food Bloggers got together for a Fondue night this past Saturday…but first, the weekend in review!

Friday I took a nap, woke up in the wee hours to exercise and then went back to bed because I had to get up early Saturday morning. I offered to take Alessar shopping again, he of the broken car, but first I had to pick up my blog notes that I left at work. One of my goals was to get currentish with the booniverse and also perhaps the JSFR but then I went and left everything at work. So in I trudged, and then I hit Whole Foods for some fondue meat. The Lady Food Bloggers were doing a fondue thing and I offered to bring the fondue of my childhood (oil for cooking meats) which necessitated a stop for said meats. I also got a muffin which was much cheaper than I thought it would be, given I was at Whole Foods. First they have better cheese prices than Mortgage and York and now a $2.00 – $2.50 muffin (at least, Starbuck’s would charge you $3 for it) for $1.60 something. Whole Foods is playing with my conceptions!

I may also have picked up some cheeses. Yum cheeses.

Alessar and I hit Sam’s Club where I got a whole pack of stuff I didn’t think to make a list of but needed anyway and then we went to Meijers where I got a whole bunch of other stuff that I did have on my list. It was a marathon shopping trip that took 4 hours from when I left the house to when I returned. 4 hours! That’s not right. I took a nap.

After napping, I prepped my meat (heh). TheMan got this ceramic knife thing from Think Geek and Holy moley is that thing sharp. I was cutting through the meat like it was butter! OK, maybe stiff butter but still, I highly recommend ceramic knives. I also had a lot of lot of meat – a pound each of pork, chicken, lamb and shrimp. I packed them up along with my fondue pot (the same fondue pot of my youth! It’s goldenrod colored and has the world’s longest cord. Back in the 60s they didn’t cotton to this short electrical cord nonsense, you ought to be able to fondue from any room in the house!).

The fondue party was a huge success. We had my oil fondue, pizza fondue, broth fondue, cheese fondue and chocolate fondue. Krazy! We also mixed and matched our dipping bits, cooking the meats and then dredging them in cheese or brothing the taters and dredging them in cheese. Basically, I think we tried to come up with as many different ways to get cheese on our fondue bits as we could. We like us some cheese! There were also little fingerling potatoes (which you could fry like French fries in the oil to a tasty golden brown) and broccoli, mushrooms and summer squash plus bread. And meat. And THEN we cracked out the chocolate fondue for dessert. I think we all might have gained 20 pounds that night but they were 20 tasty pounds.

Sunday, after my fondue coma had worn off, we did Smithee! Things! The leftover meat (sans the shrimp) was sacrificed to the fajita gods while badmovie and TheMan assembled the show clips. LunarGeography makes one delicious fajita. The Smithee show was all pieced together and we all went home happy and full of meat. Again.

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