A River Runs Through It

Ever the fun at teh Q house, I took an emergency vacation day so I could be around while the contractors put in our new water heater. Oh yeah, did I mention that our hot water heater was giving up the ghost? No?

Well that might be because it wasn’t an emergency hot water tsunami but rather the thing had a intermittent leak which caused a small brook to appear every now and then; wending it’s way about five feet to the basement drain. Then the brook became a stream with enough oomph behind it to get through the dry season but still no coastal flooding. We decided to nip things in the bud when the banks of Plum Basement Creek became a permanent and wider addition to our laundry area. So on Monday TheMan ambled over to the hot water section of Lowe’s and me, like a dutiful wife…decided hot water heaters were boring and wandered off to the garden light section.

What? Our old plastic lights are crap and I wanted to check out new fancy glass solar lights. Plus, hot water shopping is boring.

Anyway, TheMan picked out a slightly larger model with smart energy something or other whatever GREEN! unit and he and the sales fella spent a lot of lot of time signing this and detailing that. We were told “The contractor will call within 24 to 48 hours and arrange a time to install the new heater.” Bueno! I was secretly hoping that it would be Wednesday because I had a ungodly number of meetings I had to go to and take minutes for and Hot Water Heater Tsunami seemed like a really legit excuse to not be there to take minutes. Sadly, Tuesday morning at seven a.m. the contractors called up all ready to come out that very day. 7 a.m.! Less than 12 hours after we bought the heater they are scheduling an instillation appointment and in less than 18 hours they were going to have it in and working. Woah.

They could have picked a day when the Warcraft servers weren’t down all day for maintenance though…like mad meeting Wednesday. Still, when I showed them downstairs I was a little surprised to see that the creek had expanded to river sized so I guess Tuesday was a good day to yank the old and put in the new.

Since there was no Warcrafting, I decided to assemble and plant my two new fancay garden lights. They are bigger, brighter and cooler than the old plastic one and also way more expensive. I could have gotten a whole new set of stoopid plastic lights plus a couple extra for the price of two fancay lights but the fancay lights are way cooler. At least they better be! I’m also not buying all 12 or whatever number I need right off the bat and instead spacing out the purchasing to two lights every paycheck. By the end of summer my gardens will be bordered with pretty lights but until then I’m afraid they might be a bit ghetto. Ah well.

2009: I made it to work today and felt surprisingly good despite everything (yay codeine!) but by the end of the day I had to put myself down for a nap.

2008: The Smart Water Heater is pretty cool.

2007: It knows when I’m going to do the laundry.

2006: *I* don’t even know when I’m going to do the laundry!

2005: You can also see me in my robe reflected in the pot. I’m glad I didn’t decide to do dishes in the nude!

2004: So I decided to fill today’s space up with my own brand of boo madness called…SHORT ATTENTION SPAN THEATER.

2003: He’s a good person and I love him even when he is being a butt. Besides, I have a kick ass BoxJam T now.

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