Ides of Monday

Et tu Weekend-te?

Wow, I have no idea what the deal is but Friday was a useless day. TheMan is still lingering on with the cold so he crashed when we got home and got up on Saturday. I took a bit of a nap with him and then got up to putter around. I may have Warcrafted some; I did not do any JSFR or blogging. I teh lazy.

Saturday we had plans to hang with Sgt. Rockandroll, who was in the area gambling at the Detroit casino, but we never properly connected. Apparently Stg. RnR got to winning and didn’t hear the phone. We, on the other hand, were feeling kinda homebody so although we were disappointed to have missed out on seeing Sgt. RnR, we were just as happy to not have to drive to Detroit. Or anywhere really. We teh lazy.

We did jump in on the 25 man guild raid (Warcrafty) which…sucked. A lot of it was connection issues for a good handful of people, a lot of it was that they had previously walked through the place while on this Saturday we got stuck at the second boss and a lot of it was poorly handled frustrations. I was a little cranky because I went in healing (I’m usually tanking) which meant, according to guild rules, that I could only roll on healy stuff…which I’d be doing against my own 10 man raid healer. That makes no sense so I told him I’d roll but if he wanted it and I got it then I’d hand it off. Of course a nice tanky piece that would have been an upgrade dropped off the one boss we downed. Le sigh.

On the plus side, I was happy that the healers wanted me over the other tank (who also had a healy spec). If I had to be off spec, it’s nice to be wanted for it. Eventually I wound up switching with the other tank because he was having connection issues. Unfortunately his connection issues did not prevent him from directing the tanking (and my tanking…critically) the rest of the raid time. That got old fast. We quit in ill temper and rolled into Sunday.

Scott H. was in town so we met up at the Arbor Brew Company. Yum, real kitchen food (Love the Corner but they don’t have a full kitchen and sometimes a girl wants pesto cheese filled ravioli, you know?). We hung and had a good time, then went our separate ways. It was game night at the BadGardens but most everyone didn’t show up. Game night became Smithee prep night and we got buttons done. DONE! Then we went home and collapsed. The End.

2009: JSFR: Mikan Pocky

2008: JSFR: Marukawa Bubble Gum

2007: The Smithees…well completely ignore the vast majority of the statement or are borderline antithetical to it.

2006: If I have to see that commercial One! More! Time! I’m going to stomp right onto the set with both a corner office and a satellite dish and beat everyone senseless.

2005: The purpose of a cat bed is for cats to sleep in. Hence the whole name “cat bed”, but try explaining that to the weirdoes.

2004: My two questions are: How do you NOT hear a 15 foot snail slurp up on you and how can you not outrun a 15 foot snail hauling around an appropriately proportioned shell?

2003: Smithee prep must have moved this entry to somewhere else.

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