Pi Day and Books

Sadly, these are not all the books I have yet to read, just the prominent books I have yet to read. If I took a picture of all the books on my shelf and borrowed from other people I could get another couple digits of pi. I’d also run out of upstairs carpet room so two decimal places is all you get.

Where was I last on the Read Some Damned Books Initiative? Lemmie take a peek…hmmm. OK it may have been when I talked about To Your Scattered Pages or when I had that picto post with the music book. Either way, I don’t think I’ve mentioned much about the project here (I’m keeping track of it elsewhere). As of today, I’m 10 books into the year and 3500 pages read, which isn’t too shabby a count. I’m not a sprinter when it comes to reading so averaging a little over 3 books a month is decent clip.

(In case you are curious, the books are: The Black Powder War, Jonathon Strange & Mr. Norrell, Throne of Jade, Dead as a Doornail, Dead to the World, His Majesty’s Dragon, Club Dead, Shambling Towards Hiroshima, Living Dead in Dallas, and Dead Until Dark. Is that 10? Hold on…yup! My maths are correct! I hadn’t noticed until I listed the books out that I have quite a lot of Sookie Stackhouse books read. Heh. I’m also currently reading Jacques Cousteau’s first book and a book of short stories.)

I’m having just about as much fun reading as I am finding new authors from various places. The Hugo and Nebula winners list still have more “to be read” than “have read already” books (check it out, J. Strange & Norell crossed off the Hugo list!) and when my book reading peeps post a book review which looks interesting, I ask if I can borrow the book. Some of the book choices have been inspired by shorts I read in the collections of short stories (Hello Sookie books), some of them from John Scalzi’s Big Idea posts on his site Whatever (I had thought he was going to separate out the Big Ideas via tags but that hasn’t happened yet. He has said he is going to launch a separate page for The Big Idea eventually and somewhere he has a post with a list of Big Idea entries by year, or for the year or something. Go visit his site and give it a look see, lots of good reading materials showcased there) and others from random bizarre sources (see Cousteau: Page a day awesome cool stuff calendar). You should see my “Grad Pull” list, it’s at 35 books and growing.

As for my pi of books, three has some new books I’ve just purchased (Boneshaker, Your Hate Mail Will be Graded, A book of short stories and The City and The City), some old books I should have read by now (yes, that IS George R. R. Martin’s book whatever the last one was of the Song of Fire and Ice. I didn’t read it when it came out and then I sort of didn’t read it later and now I’ve forgotten most of what lead into it so I have to read the whole series again and why do that until there is a definite release to book the next? Also I wish Martin would finish the next book already. ARGH!). The decimal is R.U.R., a recent Grad pull. It’s a play and I’m a little leery about it as I don’t read plays that well. On the other hand, I’m also pretty psyched because it’s a HUGE sci-fi classic. One is all books I’ve borrowed be they from people (Fermat’s enigma, which I’m in the middle of reading) or Grad Pulls (another James Morrow and a China Mievelle). Four’s entire right leg is comprised of Nero Wolfe books. TheMan has gone a little nuts for the Wolfe books.

All in all, I have a bit of reading ahead of me so I best get to it.

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