Pizza Posse and Pocky

Gyahhhh, I have a raging case of infernal heartburn. *Uuuuuurp!* We created (made? Assembled? Formed?) a pizza posse for lunch today and trooped down to Pizza House (‘cuz where else are you going to take your pizza posse but to hizzouse? Or is that in hizzouse?). Sadly, only three of us actually got pizza, although three others got pizza like entities (calzones, which are like inside out pizzas), so we may need to work on the whole pizza posse idea some more. Mark-Matt summed it up with “Man, our pizza posse sucks, no one’s getting pizza!” That was before we ordered, when no one was getting pizza yet.

Mmmm, Tums.

For you JSFR junkies, there is a post dating of the review for Decorer Pocky in strawberry this time and I am currently working on another review as I write. Really, I’m typing and tasting (hard candy) all for you. I also went SHOPPING! at Wizzywig and procured some more JSF for reviewing. You know, because I don’t already have a million other things to review at home. Shut-up, I had to go and buy a source material for the candy I’m reviewing now. I did too. (well, actually, I really did because its “BlahBlah candy!” where ‘BlahBlah’ is another snack food. Think of it like a Pringles lollipop; you would want to taste the original Pringles so you would know if the lollipop did right by the potato chip).

I also bought another Decorer Pocky (strawberry) because we managed to eat the first batch and throw away the box before I realized we hadn’t photographed it. Ahhhh-whoops. Of course I found some other candy whose packing cracked me right the hell up and they came home with me. Of course. I’m saving those particular beasties for Badmovie’s V&V game because I think the Donald will get a kick out of them. Tonight we review Koala…errr…Match? March? Mutts? I can’t remember, but it’s a weird name. Heh, like that narrows down any Japanese candy.

Not much going on at the Q house. Tonight’s TheMan’s Ars Moderna game, tomorrow we go shopping (and get a truck battery already! Pfft, I am one lazy Cheeto butt, I tell you) and Friday we…errr…may not have plans! We will probably wind up playing EQ, which is good because we haven’t been doing a lot of that lately and I miss the frog.

I’ll just let you off here before I start to really ramble. Laters!

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