Family Matters

I was dinking around with writing this up yesterday but I had absolutely no muse juice left at all anywhere in my plork. I’d have written about the daily happening at the booniverse but nothing’s been going on of any interest what-so-ever at the Q house (unless you get all quivery reading about ice cream and chocolate sauce because there was some of that going on. Oh boy, you quivery ice cream and chocolate sauce people have just gone to your happy place, haven’t you?). So, that’s why there was no post for yesterday. I’m not sure if the muse is back today but my slow Swiss cheese plork has had some time to think a bit so let’s just see where it goes.

I’m not sure who we have told our Grand Plan to and who we haven’t, but for all of you reading, TheMan and I have decided to continue the q family line. The year of 2005 was designated the beginning of “Operation q Brood” and so far, we’re working towards that goal. January was a bit of an off month, due to vacations, sickness, Puppy Watch ’05 and ill timed biology so we’ve just sort of ignored the fact that it was a poor month for trying to start a family. Call it a “practice month” if you will for there will be no October Baby q. I think we got the general idea down though so February is the real start of “Operation q Brood”. We shall see how that goes.

It should be pretty exciting, having a kid that is (I think everyone will agree that making a kid is pretty much always fairly exciting) because our kid will be the first grandchild on both sides of the family. My sis is already geared up to swoop down and claim the title of “Favorite Aunt” but I don’t know. DQ is pretty darned crafty (in the projects sense…you what with the glue or the fabric or the whatever else she does because she does about a million things. Not in the sly and conniving sense) plus, Auntie DQ lives just down the street. I think there will be some pretty stiff competition for the coveted “Favorite Aunt” award. My sis, however, did demand to be the first person to know when we are with kid. I told her she would probably be the third, fourth or fifth person as TheMan and I will certainly be one and two (or a really suspicious one and two) and the doctor and/or nurse person who we go to and see if we are indeed continuing the family line will be the next people to know. Sis is OK with this, she just wants to be the first “real” person to know.


Anyway, it’s pretty weird to think of becoming parents. Sure, I’ve been thinking to myself that “One day, I want to have kids” but it’s an entirely different thing to be actively pursuing the whole kid making idea. That leads to thoughts like “Holy crap! If we conceive this month, I’ll be a mom in NOVEMBER!!” Am I ready to be a mom in November? December? January? If there are no problems then I very well could be Mommy Q within a year. Am I truly ready to give up sleeping in on weekends? Man, that’s a tough call because I love me some snoozing. However, both TheMan and I really want to do this family thing (yeah, I know Dirge. We The Crazy) so I think I’ll just treasure my lazy weekends for as long as I can.

Did I just agree to partake in a venture that will most likely eradicate the notion of sleeping in from my life for a good fistful of years? I am The Crazy!

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