Godspeed, Kitty

I usually put a weekend update around abouts here but if you step back to Friday’s entry you can pretty much guess how the rest of my weekend went. In fact, I’ve been pretty much stalled posting because it’s hard to write a farewell entry for a animal that has been with you for going on 15 years so I’ve been doing quite a lot of everything else but writing this entry. A month is not enough grieving time but here it goes anyway.

Isaak was my firstest real animal; the cat I got because I’d always seen myself with a cat when I moved out. I’d always wanted a Siamese cat too and I can’t tell you why exactly. Perhaps it was that the cat we had growing up was Siamese-ish and I dug her personality. Maybe I just really liked the coloration and didn’t mind the rep that came with the breed. Whatever the reason, as soon as I broke up with my severely cat allergic boyfriend I put plans into action to get myself my own cat. I had the former boyfriend before the “moving out on my own” thing and I thought that now I was out in the world, I ought to establish the cat first before I got another boyfriend. So I went looking for Siamese cats.

In the paper I found a lady in Detroit who had several Siamese kittens for sale so I grabbed my dad and we headed out. She had perhaps 5 breeding cats that were all free ranged house pets (versus caged) and a litter of kittens jumping all over the place. They were so tiny! (being only 7 weeks old at the time) I picked one that wasn’t stir crazy (HA! See how THAT turned out) but wasn’t timid, we paid and I popped the new cat in a box for the ride home. Isaak had never liked car rides most likely starting with this one because he yowled the entire trip.

When I got him home I let him wander about and get used to his new surroundings, which he did with much complaining. Siamese are a breed that let you know they are unhappy and the new kitty was exTREMEly so. Then, as small animals are wont and oft to do, he flopped over and fell asleep.

Given the reputation Siamese have, Isaak was an outstanding cat. Sure he talked all the time (All! the time. Cat never let you get the last word) and he was incredibly needy for attention but he wasn’t ever really destructive. Mostly. Occasionally he’d get miffed and wait for you to notice him and then claw up your belongings (pretty much my floor speakers at the time) and then when I got him declawed he’d still do the same thing (polishing my belongings I guess). “These pants here? Gone. I am miffed-MIFFED at you and now I’ve shredded your pants that you like into nothing. Do you hear me? NOTHING!” It was amusing but the cat was making! a! statement! I could live with the occasional “clawing” of my stuff because Isaak never peed on anything out of spite, never played “bat that breakable thing from the shelf” at 3 in the morning nor did he ever try to wake me up at 5 or whenever he was hungry for food.

Isaak also was pretty smart; he knew several tricks and I could get him to reliably do said tricks on a repeated basis…more or less. He’d get down from wherever he was if I told him “Off the bed”, he’d nibble my nose if I said “Gimmie a kiss”, he’d bop me with his head if I said “Head-butt head-butt” (or he’d nibble my nose…Head-butt head-butt wasn’t a sure thing), he’d often miao if I asked him “Where’s my miao?” and when he was younger I could do the “lobster claw thing” (making snappy noises with your thumb and fingers) and he’d jump up. Oddly, Isaak never was as much of an up-cat as I thought he’d be, given the Siamese reputation for getting onto doors and such. He’d only ever manage to jump up to my waist and I’d have to haul him up the rest of the way to my shoulder. He loved to ride around standing on my arm and looking over my shoulder.

For those of you who want to know, we had the vet do a cat-topsy because he went so suddenly. We really expected to have him around for at least 4 more years before we started having geriatric cat issues; Siamese being a long lived breed of cat. The vet said that he had a weak heart and died almost instantaneously when he went. She also said he was in terrific shape for a 14+ year old cat so that was good to know. We were home, we had just spent a good amount of time just before he died giving him love and scritchies and if he suffered at all, it was very briefly. It was probably the best we could have hoped for but it still hurts.

I miss him immensely – Godspeed kitty.

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