Smithee 19: Smithees at Smith

We kicked off the Smithee 19 year with our first show in Northampton, MA. How much do I love ConBust? Let me count the ways!

First, we realized that Smithee show day was also LunarGeography’s birthday and something had to be done about this. We had the most awesome idea ever in the history of ideas and it was so awesome that if you heard it, there was no way that you would ever forget it. Thus, we did not write it down because Most! Awesome! Idea! EVAR! Of course we forgot it when the time rolled around to put said AWESOME IDEA into action and try as we might, the golden thread of awesome was forever lost to us. The best that we could do is sift through the e-mails and come up with this mysterious line: “Well, donut hat is kinda like a millipede racetrack…” What?!? That’s got to be the Roanoke of sentences, although I sort of want to make a button out of it now.

We took the donut hat millipede racetrack idea and ran with it; bribing Sean Whose Name is Nate into making some super secret cup cakes while I rummaged around for appropriate cake toppers. LunarGeography hates (hates HATES!) millipedes (the jury is still out about donut hats and racetracks) and I may have had a good handful of glow in the dark millipedes lurking about (as well as some GitD scorpions, which LG also hates and of course zombies which…actually don’t know her stance on zombies). Thus at the intermission, we secretly went out to round up the cup cakes, topper them and bring them back as a surprise birthday sing-a-long.

BTW, if you ever have the chance to get SWNiN to make you cupcakes, grab that chance and run with it. OMG (bbq!)!! These were the best chocolaty chocolate cupcakes ever in the history of chocolaty chocolate cupcakes. Plus, I do believe they were Vegan.

The show resumed and all had a good time. Our max audience attendance (at any one time) was 45 around Worst Science and our show low was 30 (several categories at the beginning). In comparison to previous Smithees at Smith, we hit an all time high and an all time high low. Woooo! Sadly, close to midnight we announced the last winner and then packed up and tootled off to bed. The End (Smithee 19 at Smith).

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