ConBust Weekend in Pictures

Good By Michigan! We really hope we get there because…

this is the world’s smallest passenger jet. Ever. I couldn’t stand straight up in the aisle way the thing was so tiny. It had single seat rows. SINGLE SEATS!!

Sadly, the tiny aircraft made for some intense bag stuffing and my Little Debbies did not fair well at all. Poor Flat Debbies.

This year we missed Lynn Flewelling because she missed her flight. Sadness. On the other hand look at all those Smithies! (Yeah, pic redux).

Playing ‘Spot the anachronism’ here. As a side note, this family shows up in the most awesome steam punk outfits every year and every year they have different outfits. A family that steam punks together…something something clever whatever.

I did not get a pic of the actual game but this is the aftermath. It went well.

Along with cupcakes, LunarGeography got a hand made cross stitch of the Steel one liner. It took less than 24 hours to make…I am in awe.

A close up of the stitchery.

LG also got an advanced copy of the new Mercy book, personalized and birthday wished by Patty Briggs herself as part of the Smithees at Smith Birthday haul. Dangit, peeps is upstaging my millipede cupcakes!!! HRUMPH!

I popped into the dealer room one day to discover this…effigy. Hee.

We took a stroll out and about and around and came across this sign. Hee.

On the way back, the signs in the terminal weren’t functioning all that well.

Going home.

2009: JSFR: Pumpkin Pretz

2008: Planes can pivot on one back wheel. OK, I only have one cool plane factoid but s’trewth!

2007: Apparently, I have hyacinths. Huh.

2006: OH! I had a blood test and I didn’t cheat on that, does that count?

2005: Eventually you wind up picking up buildings, bridges, barges, Godzilla and islands. Crazy!

2004: Too squee about ConBust to update.

2003: Dishes and laundry. Always dishes and laundry.

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