Last Night I had the Strangest Dream

Food induced sleeping craziness, Experimental food, St. Patty’s Day X-mas Thanks and Wedding plans: yup you guessed it, it’s another installment of


I woke up to this memory today: I was at some sort of convention type thing (with booths of stuff and food all assembled in a large previously before the booths open space; the typical convention type room) wandering around when I was hailed by a booth worker. He couldn’t leave his station, but he wanted me to take some money and get him a Wendy’s Chicken sandwich and bring it back to him. I did not know the dude from a hole in the ground, so of course I agreed and wandered off with his three dollars and a vague uneasy feeling about the explicit instructions for ordering the sandwich. He wanted X chicken sandwich, not Y chicken sandwich and was very adamant that I understand the difference. My dream self was thinking “Whatever. Chicken sandwich. Check. How many different kinds could there be? Take a chill, this is not rocket science.”

And then I got to the counter and all they had were 400 varieties of chicken sandwiches where there was only a slight variation from one sandwich to the next and I forgot exactly which one he wanted right? WRONG! (do it again). It was looking to go in that direction, even when I walked up to the counter but I was relieved to see that yes, the Wendy’s menu had not horribly morphed and was pretty standard with it’s two or three different chicken sandwiches so I ordered the dude’s food. Next thing I know, there are two security guards being all “Don’t move, stay right there.” and detaining me for something they are not telling me about. I tell them, with my back to them as I was at the counter and they came up behind me, “I’m reaching into my pocket and pulling out three dollars to pay for the sandwich alright?” and I do so. At this point in time, what happened to the sandwich got totally lost as I was escorted to the head security office. Hope the dream dude did not go hungry, but then again, he shouldn’t be throwing money at strangers and ordering them around. Ha!

On the way to the office, I notice about a dozen other people that I know or know about being lead by security to HQ and I begin to think that this is sorta odd. None of these people have a common link so I wonder what’s going on. I was pretty sure we weren’t in trouble because the people all had different strengths and it was highly impossible we could all have been working together on a single thing. (Dream logic-but it sounded good at the time. Sorry officer, we cant be suspects because we cant function together. Hope you get your guy(s).) So we get to the head security guy, who laughs and apologized for his monkey security folks. I guess they all misunderstood him.

What we were being chosen for was to be beta testers on this new game: RaceSplash or something like that. My KFu instructor was there, along with his girlfriend, and he was all sorts of excited about it. “Awww YEAH! RaceSpalsh! Saaawwweeeet!” I was, as I usually am about games coming out on the market, completely clueless. We were led through one of those ubiquitous Large Metal Doors that all convention places have through the ubiquitous half finished service corridor that is always on the other side of the Large Metal Door to a dark room full of arcade games. My KFu instructor was all sorts of happy while I was more or less all sorts of bewildered.

I am not by nature an arcade gamer. Mumses wouldn’t let me hang at the game places and we got an Odyssey because it was the wave of the future and surly going to supplant an Atari or Nintendo. You know, Odysseys? We all have them in our houses and play games on them all the time. So yeah, I suck at any kind of fast action button pushing special moving killing things and staying alive kind of game. Except Tag Team Tekken. I can mash me buttons fast enough and furiously enough to beat the pants off of most people, or at least scare them with the violence of it. Heh. ANYWAYS, I was faced with picking one of the twelve or so stations to play the game. In my oh so knowledgeable mind, I was going for the station with the biggest TV screen. Yeah.

These games were pretty cool, once I looked into them a bit. It was partially one of those games where there is a large front console (and a big TV!), a place for the player to stand and a smaller back piece that was for speakers and such. The game involved standing on a snow board type thing and steering a car through an obstacle course while blowing other stuff up. You could change the car into a boat or give it skis or whatever you needed as the terrain changed. My problem was that you had to go through the initial screen thing to start the game and I could never understand what it wanted me to do.

After a bit, I was lead off to a game that had a smaller screen (sniff) but was the same thing. Of course it was, despite the fact that the standing thing was now a lying down thing and the controller was a joy stick/pad type thing and I had to press a sequence of buttons (like ctl-alt-del for example) to get it to start. This I was happy with, I figured that the controller (in a handy bag so as not to damage it) would reveal when I took it out of its carrying case, these buttons and I could start the game. All was good until I unwrapped the controller and held in my hands: A Nerf Football! Yes, the objective was to throw the ball at the screen to steer the car through the obstacles! I thought it was a stupid way to run an arcade game and it made NO SENSE so I woke up.

And that is why you don’t eat so close to the time you go to bed. Stupid Nerf footballs.

I finished a couple of Christmas thank yous today. What? I’m extending the season OK? I figure better late than never besides, I think everyone likes getting stuff in the mail, especially now in the day and age of instant communication. I found a really boss card for my Unca and aunt. She is all in to butterflies and the card I found is a nice purple with a cut out of a bunch of butterflies (the inside is white showing through the cut out spots) and one single colored butterfly below the cut out. Inside, there is a single colored butterfly (in the same place as the cover one) with just “Thank You” written in. Well, maybe it’s a perfect card for my aunt. Anyway, I had a lot of fun writing it and personalizing it with anecdotes about the presents (towels) and how much we are enjoying them. I used to hate thank yous at Christmas because my dad made this detailed chart field of who what when where and was always asking “What did you get?” or “Who is THAT from?” It drove me nuts and made Christmas a little less enjoyable because the fun of the moment was marred with “OK, what was that again?” Now, however, I find it kind of fun. I may live to eat these words come the wedding but I figure I’m practicing now.

FOOD! We are crock potting again. We just made filling for pasties and I assembled them this morning. My idea was that the Pilsberry folded pie crusts would work perfectly as pasty covers and making the filling ought not to be too hard. Last night I hit on the idea of crocking them overnight so TheMan set them up and away they stewed. This morning, I unfolded, stuffed and baked it in pie shells and packed them off to eat for lunch. Then, TheMan set up a crock for tonight as we are having dinner with his sis. Sunday Rob and J are coming over for Asian cuisine and I am making (among some other things) that darned cheese cake I have been wanting to make for ever. Yeah, Asian Creme-de-minth cheese cake with thin mint crust. Shut up! It’s Asian on Sunday because I want to make it dammit! Heh, experimental food week!

I need to go shopping for table decoration supplies. We figured out the max number of tables (17) we would need if everyone on the list came so I am planning for that. Plus two similar but smaller things for the buffet table and maybe two for the cake table. DQ and I also need to visit JoAnn’s (I have gift certs from X-Mas! Whooo!) to get the fabric for the off set burgundy and gold squares and maybe some cool origami paper for the origami dudes. I’ll also look for bowls for floaty candles and maybe other stuff, but I am not sure how craftsy a store JoAnn’s is or if it is more a fabric place. Either or, the great table decoration marathon is about to begin!

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