When Come Back, Bring Pie!

It’s official: The first pie party was a grand success! Although next time, we all agreed, we would cut the pieces into much smaller portions.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all, even if you don’t feel like celebrating it. I say any day where you could get or give chocolates and or flowers is a grand day so I’m all about celebrating even if you don’t have a significant other. Hell, go out and buy yourself some chocolate and flowers and enjoy them. I’d go on but I know you are all dying to read the Traditional Monday Recap Blog. So, without further ado…

You want to know what I did Friday? I remembered this week too because we went shopping, had dinner and then I decided to have a wee bit of a lie down at 9:00. Eight hours later I was woken up from my little nap by TheMan who had just come down from playing Civ (although he wants you to know he didn’t spent eight hours playing Civ; he spent a good chunk of that time doing geeky computer stuff that may or may not have involved remote poking of his work server and then came down to bed at 1 or 2 in the morning. He took no more than three steps into the bedroom when he was set upon by his feral wife who growled at him most mightily. THEN he went back up to play Civ. until the aliens returned his sweet natured wife somewhere around 5 in the morning). And then? AND THEN?!?? And then I got up and started dinking around. but that would be getting on into Saturday and Saturday gets its own paragraph.

Welcome to Saturday. So then, I got up at oh dark hundred and did some things, which I have totally forgotten now. There may have been dish washing involved or some KoLing and probably some general picking up as we were to host the Pie Party the next day. I stayed up until about 9ish I think, then crawled right back into bed and slept until 2. Maybe I was just taking another nap? TheMan and I got up for real sometime in the afternoon (seeing as the Traveler game was cancelled due to an illin GM, we didn’t really have to be up and rolling at any specific time) and arranged to meet with Badmovie and LunarGeography at Hiller’s for an ingredient exchange and then some after shopping eats. Guess what we forgot to bring to the exchange? Ten boo points if you said “The ingredients, which was the whole point of meeting Badmovie and LunarGeography in the first point”. Mind like soft Swiss cheese.

That gave us the excuse to go back home and drop off the groceries (and also because it was really warm, warmer than I thought it was going to be so the grand plan of letting the outside be our refrigerator after shopping was more like a grand plan for melted and spoiled food) and then convene at a place that wasn’t packed to the gills with Saturday shoppers. We also decided to just buy the damned ingredients since this was the second time we forgot them and hey, we were both at Hiller’s anyway. We met, we ate (Mmmm, Tios) and we motored on over to Rob’s casa for a dinner and parTAY for Joel. Yes, we did have dinner before dinner. You got a problem with that?

Actually, Rob always seems to be cooking cow whenever there is a big soiree over at his joint so the eating before arriving worked out really well. I got to have dinner, wheee! The parTAY was pretty laid back and fun to boot, we talked everything from World of Warcraft to Rush tunes. Plus, we got to hang with Joel which hasn’t happened since the last time Rob had a parTAY. We didn’t mosey until well into Sunday which…

Brings us to pie!

Sunday was the dawn of the Pie party and of course we had done little in the way of cleaning up to then. We got up at 10ish and started in on the house and were done by 3, an hour before the parTAY was to start. We really need to keep our house cleaner. No worries though, people didn’t show up until 5 anyway (Bubbles was the first to show up, having timed her pie to come out at 4. I’ve so done that…festivities are at 7, so I time the pie to come out at 7, piece of cake. Then half way through the pie baking the light bulb in my plork goes off and the words “Travel Time” echo through my skull. Oh yeah. Right. That). We had 6 (SIX!!!) pies with a nice split between meal pies and dessert pies. TheMan made a turkey shepherds pie, Bubbles had a chicken Italian pie and Badmovie made a bacon and egg (but not a quiche!) pie. On the sweeter side, LunarGeography made a lemon chess pie, I made a pudding pie and DQ made a Dutch apple cream pie. When the pie made with sour cream is the “light” dessert pie you know you are in for a night of thump.

We watched Pi, a Spongebob Squarepants episode called…Death and Pie? and Chicken Run, which is about being made into pie. It’s all good! It was a great time too (and…errr…welllll, there were six people attending, six pies for eating and about a quarter pie’s worth of leftovers when we got done. Yeah, that’s a lot of pie. Next time, smaller pieces), we might have just launched a new tradition. Food and movie themed nights. No really, we talked about doing a vegetarian cannibal night (make veggy food, watch Silence of the Lambs or Soylent Green) next and then Badmovie went nuts and came up with “Let’s Talk About it” (bring the recipe of the dish and watch the director’s commentary to movies), and “Sequel” (bring leftovers, watch sequels to movies). Then I got the fever and came up with…errr…OK I don’t have a catchy phrase yet but we watch movies in movies (either movies with a meta movie, like Memento or the Red Violin or movies about movies like All That Jazz, Singing in the Rain or Kiss Me Kate) and eat food stuffed with food (stuffed chicken, stuffed peppers, scotch eggs, possibly twinkies). Crazy!

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