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Happy Birthday Mumses! I think I’m in the mood for an SAST.

TheMan and I have been eating out WAY too much lately which isn’t pretty for anyone’s pocket book. Now that we don’t have a condo to also pay the ‘mortgage’ on we are not as stressed for money but eating out all the time is financially and nutritionally stupid. So I’m going to get back on the meal planning horse (errr…that’s a weird phrase) and start trying to wrangle our food money a little more sensibly. This may help with my “use the stuff in the fridge before it rots” New Year’s Intention which has been going haphazardly mediocre so far. I also have a couple of carcasses in the freezer awaiting souping and one of them is the hot and sweet orange turkey we did a while back. Hot and sour soup anyone? I hope so. Otherwise we might have strange tasting orangish flavored turkey broth soup. Note to self: Look up a good but uncomplicated hot and sour soup recipe.

Working out still goes. This is what…243 (plus whatever of March 273? Whatever) days and going? I’d say good on me but I’m feeling more like it’s 91 more days to go. I am tired of working out every day! ARGH! I’m going to change things up a bit come July this year: I’m taking raid days off (Tuesday and Thursday). I think I might also up the minimum time I require myself to work out (rightnowatanembarrassingtwentyminuts) on the days I do work out. I hope I do not sluff off and go back to not working out at all but I will appreciate immensely not having to trudge down to the Norditrack at 11pm after shutting down the computer, which is what always tends to happen. Might I actually go to bed at a somewhat decent hour on raid nights? Say it ain’t so!

I took a peek at my garden buckets out front and my bleeding hearts seemed to have survived. Wooo! All the roses in the north front garden have also survived which is one more rose than I thought I had. Turns out my ‘is surely dead’ rose is just a late bloomer (HA) so yay that. Or yay for hearty rootstock of some other rose plant which has survived the winter. Either or…THERE ARE FOUR ROSES! I am quite certain one of the roses in the south front garden is kaputt but I think it was dead last summer. Both climbing roses are busy budding and the 4th of July rose, which has always seemed a little peeked, is going gang busters finally. All in all, a decent and undeserved survival rate on roses for me as I didn’t properly winterize them last fall. I also seem to have a decent survival rate for weeds which I will need to attend to shortly.

My poor little kitty is still spending time trying to get Isaak interested in what she is doing by yowling her “I have something really cool that I’m doing!” yowl. It’s very sad but also annoying at 3 in the morning.

2009: Will you still need her? Will you still feed her?

2008: “Voldemort’s Nipple! I forgot to feed the cat before we left!”

2007: “If I knew you were going to take full picture of us I would have quit chewing!”

2006: You know when you see a really cool food thing on TV and you want to try it out at home? Sometimes it takes a while to get it right.

2005: I mean, take the following sentences: “God smote me for singing the lamby joe song” versus “I was smitten by God for singing the lamby joe song”. The first one sounds much more serious and old testament. I can see God frowning his cranky God frown and saying, “OK, I’ve heard about enough of that lamby joe song from boo. One lightning bolt, coming up!” while the other one sounds more like I’m singing an ode of devotion and lamby joe goodness to the almighty.

2004: All this is leading to the astonishing fact that I, Rokokyu for going on two some years now, actually went to class last night.

2003: A moment of bloggy silence for my mumses.

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