A Tuesday Post? No Way!

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OK, can you tell that this is going to be a SAST? I’ll see if I can’t keep it quasi coherent at least. So Valentine’s day. I had the most awesomest Valentine’s day and we did almost bupkis in terms of traditional celebration of the day. I had picked up a cute little card with a cute kitten all wedged in a pot or basket and utterly content with its lot in life. Cats are weird like that, give them a box or some cramped hidey hole and they will attempt to wedge themselves into it and happily hang out until the cows come home. The inside said something sappy about stuffing as much fun into your Valentine’s day or whatever. I just liked the cat, it reminded me of the Little Kitty. Anyway, I snuck the card into TheMan’s laptop so when he got to work and opened it up wala! Card.


We snagged some breakfast on the way in, which was nice because we don’t often get to eat breakfast out together (although, to be fair, we got take out and then ate on the way to our respective places of employment. Close enough) and then met for lunch. TheMan bought me a nice vase and carnation arrangement which also came to lunch. Sweet, flowers AND table decorations! It wasn’t too fancy…just three pink carnations in their own water holder, but it was very cool none the less. I like carnations quite a bit, actually, I think they are every bit as nice as roses. Especially when you think that a rose lasts maybe 4 days while carnations can go a week or more. I have my happy carnations and vase here at work on the window ledge. I also placed it so the copy bastards are looking at the butt end of the arrangement (yes, flower arrangements have a back side) so HA! Double bonus.

After work we went home, fixed up a dinner of tomato soup and grilled cheese (have I ever mentioned that TheMan is a grilled cheese sammich chef? His sammiches turn out perfect all the time; golden brown with the cheese all nice and melty in the inside. I make a darned good canned soup though. Yessiree!) and then hopped online and ordered us a GPS unit. That was our Valentine’s gift to each other this year. We figured we’d spend about as much on a nice dinner and a bottle of wine so we forwent the fancy eats out and got us a Geocaching enabler. Whoot! I am aquiver with anticipation!

And now, a drastic subject change. Please return your trays to the upright position and fasten your seatbelts. Everyone set? OK, here we go!

I just want to say that I am 35 years old and I can not dress myself. I had a semi catastrophic wardrobe failure today and it all started way before I was even dressed. My plan was to wear a black turtleneck and my happy black Hawaiian shirt with the red flowers on it. So, naturally, I grabbed my black turtleneck and black and red Hawaaian shirt. Except I seem to now also have a dark blue turtleneck sweatshirt (I inherited some turtlenecks from TheMan). Dirge will tell you that my fashion sense leaves a bit to be desired (it’s all blue, it’s all good!) but even I was hesitant to wear dark blue and black. They tell me that just isn’t done. So I up and went to find the white and light (matching) blue Hawaiian shirt. Found shirt, put shirt on, all was good.


Around lunch time I finally had it with the funny bottom corner of the shirt which had been intermittently catching my thumb as I walked around so I stopped to try and figure out what was going on. My theory was that the little corner at the bottom of the button hole strip had somehow flipped around and was catching my thumb. Occasionally that happens. What I found out was that I was partially right; the corner dude was catching my thumb but not because it had flipped around. The corner dude was catching my thumb because the entire shirt was flipped around. Yes folks, I spent half my work day today wearing my shirt inside out. I had even gone to a meeting and been tooling about most of the morning and nobody caught on, or nobody that did catch on was letting me in on my dressing faux pax. Four hours! KFu awareness, I tell ya.

Hold on again, subject change on the horizon.

I just wanted to say that for a brief period I surpassed Bubble’s KoL character in total stat points. I shone! I shone like the sun! Brilliant, dazzling, awesome, and then completely clouded over when Bubble’s logged on and stormed the stats. My poor short lived victory. Ah well, I was ahead for the briefest time and I shall treasure that moment for the rest of my days, or at least until I can dredge up enough cash to buy my stats higher again. Muahahahaha! Heh, KoL is a lot of fun. It’s also pretty stupid, which just adds to the fun.

Not much else going on. I’m ramping up for the A2 Smithees (April 23rd) and getting my promotions ducks in a row. I’m also looking at a 1 and a fractional measurement that I can never remember button maker because, well we don’t have a 1 and a fractional measurement that I can never remember button maker. I’m not sure that will actually happen but I have ideas! I also started in on sock puppet prep. Tis the season.

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