Krazy Busy

I had a sort of disgruntling weekend; mostly because I think I set some unrealistic goals.

What I had planned was: Make foods, shopping, get started on Smithee puppets, laundry, dishes, Warcrafty things (no specific goals but I wanted to put in some play time), get started on the super-secret-writing-project, and getting the booniverse, Smithee LJ and the JSFR current. Hmmm, now that I list all that out I guess maybe I *did* have quite a lot I wanted to accomplish. I still am a bit bummed that I only got to half of it though. Irrational? Perhaps.

I had intended to make spaghetti sauce (and consequently spaghetti) for Friday night but after work I didn’t feel like doing anything. TheMan also wasn’t feeling the dinner prep love so he asked if I wanted to go out to eat. Yes please! We decided on sushi and it was OK…mostly because I had stuffed myself all day long. Breakfast out, lunch out (departmental snacks in) and then dinner out is just too much intake wise not to mention the outgo of the pocket book. When we got home I staggered about until I collapsed on the bed and bemoaned my eating out stupidity. Not to be a total waste to society, I put in some Little Kitty scritching time so there was a little bit of redeeming to my gluttony. Or something.

Not long after, Rob called and asked if we wanted to eat out at Side Tracks. Thanks no, but we could walk over and catch some beers (exercise AND booze! Win-win!). eventually we wound up over at the Corner Brewery and had a pretty nice night of it. Needless to say no tomato sauce got made.

Saturday I went shopping with Alessar and picked up things and stuff, part of which was material for the Bob Blob ‘puppets’. Wooo! A check mark and a half on my list of things to do! Oh wait, I also noodled around in Warcraft so there is another check mark. Smokin! Also, was Saturday not the nicest day pre 1pm when it started with the gloom and doom and spitty rain? I should have gotten up early and done some gardening except it might have been too windy to effectively clear out the winter detritus. Then again, it might have been much easier to get the leaves and such out of my garden beds with how the breeze was carrying on. WEEEE! I got home, made tomato sauce and s’gettis (check!), put some hot and sour stock on (check) and took a nap. Dang, I should have added “nap” to my list. We did not get a 25 man raid going this week (no check) but I did lots of other stuff on both my toons which was nice to get done (check? Possibly).

Sunday I started in on the wash, which I really should have been doing Saturday while playing Warcraft. I think that’s what made me a little disgruntled is that I didn’t time batch things well (although I napped AND made stock so that was OK). I certainly could have gotten all the laundry done in the time I spent noodling about in Warcraft but I think I kept putting it off because I was also popping back and forth to the kitchen making stuff. Maybe three things stacked is too much but really, laundry could have been slotted in between warcrafting while baking zucchini bread, making hot and sour soup, baking a chicken and general kitchen clean-up one does after making stock, soup, bread and chicken. I didn’t but make 2 things Saturday, why didn’t I do laundry then? Answer: LAZY!

TheMan was also wrocking the productivity; we have our taxes and census stuff in and 2 of the wines were bottled (plus all the clean-up involved with that too). I did not get to updating (which…yeah. You may have noticed), most of the dishes, most of the laundry (I got one load done! Half a check for that) nor did I even start on my super-secret-writing-project. I think for next weekend’s plans, I will list them all so I can actually see what I’m trying to plan for myself. Maybe I might say “Woah! That’s a lot of stuff!”. I will certainly include “nap” on it though. I like the easy check offs.

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