That Thing I Do

Nyahhhhhhhhhhh! The clutter on my desk has reached critical mass. I expect to be ousted from my cubicle at any-uh oh.

Work has been the busy lately! I’ve been actually working all industrious like on work related stuff (hence the late post yesterday which, again, publish button. Whatever). No really! Yeah, I’m having trouble coming to grips with that statement too. It’s also a lot of work…that working on work stuff. The Busy here has been a lot of fun as well because I’m in the middle of trying to get a presentation for a committee I’m on done…which means I’m working on that and not my departmental work stuff. Whoooo! It’s like I’m goofing off from my job, except the committee work is my job (this week at least) so I’m legit. Wanna know what I did yesterday? I went dumpster (or rather recycle bin) diving and scammed some books bound for the recycling center. Heh. That was pretty fun, I’m stealing back books for the committee!

The other thing that is making this fun (versus the albatross it has been for three months) is that we finally figured out how we were going to do this damned presentation. It’s pretty hard to start a project when you don’t know exactly what you want to do with it. I tell you, I have been dragging my feet for this whole time because it was, in all honesty, sucking ass before we came upon the “Golden Presentation Idea” yesterday. Now? Lightning man, I am psyched, I am industrious, I am Jack’s Book Gathering Daemon. Heh, part of the presentation prep has involved me pilfering books off of shelves and carts which is always amusing. MY BOOKS! MUAHAHAHAHA! MINE!!!

Bah coherency! I was trying to think of how to tie in my thoughtlets for today but after four excruciating seconds of thinking I gave up. So SAST HO!

I don’t think I’m wearing my pants. I have been having trouble with my big pair of pants ever since we got back from Up North. Before we went, the pants fit and would get a little baggy after a couple days wear. Post North trip the (same) pants got so baggy after one day’s wearing that I had to either find some sort of belt like material (for I own no belts) or just walk around carefully and hope they didn’t decide to head alarmingly south while I was. Option two doesn’t work so well. Today I happened to look at the tag and lo! These pants are 32/42s. All the pants I buy in men’s sizes are 34/40ish (I can’t remember if it’s straight 40 or 42 or perhaps 38) because I have a 33 inch inseam. I buy the men’s sizes specifically for the inseam that fits (YOU try to find women’s pants in anything longer than 32 inches. Aint easy), I wouldn’t have bought a pair of 32s because 32 is too short. Ergo, I’m not wearing my pants.

I wonder if Dad Q has a pair of pants that are a little too tight and a little too long.

TheMan and I reached the critical watching point of Law & Order last night for we hit a rerun. Le sigh. I am a little surprised that I hadn’t hit the CWP yet because that show is on All. The. Time. and I’ll watch it if I happen to see it on. Bump Bump. In fact, now that I think on it, there were two reruns for us last night. How disappointing. I wound up switching to Law & Order: Special Victim’s Unit instead and it was pretty watchable. I noticed they kept the same theme song but remade it (pretty cool) and I think the Bump Bumps were still there but I can’t say I love L&O:SVU. They had some case about finding a serial rapist/murderer and it was exciting to see the investigation go through its stages but then they ended it when they finally caught the perp. Where’s my courtroom? Where’s the whole trial? I was left disappointed.

Heh, I love being grownup. You want to know what I had for dinner last night? A whole spaghetti squash. Yup, I just cooked that puppy up, threw in some parmesan cheese and ate half of it while watching TV. It was so good, I threw the other half I was going to save into the bowl, added cheese and ate that too. Mmmmm, squash. Try that out as a seven or ten year old and I bet your mom gets that “What the-?” look in her eyes and then tells you “You can’t eat a whole squash and call it dinner!” You live on your own, you can call ANYTHING dinner. Muahahaha!

It’s the little things in life that keep you going…like a whole s’getti squash! Right then, I’m outta here. I have squash to digest.

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