Do I Even Post Here Anymore?

Hey booniverse readers, sorry for you peeps who come in regularly looking for updates because I’ve been procrastinating. The rest of you archive readers carry on.

Anyhow, I was a little more current but then my cat died and the next post I had to post was “Hey, my cat died”. You can imagine how much I was looking forward to that so I didn’t do it for the longest time. I had been writing posts in the interim and they will populate the blog in due time. This past weekend we finally got the Isaak pics scanned and I tossed up a short memorial thing-it but I still haven’t written anything about Isaak or let y’all know what happened. That entry is going to suck worse that just his dates and I’m still tearing up about that. Losing your cat of almost 15 years bites.

This weekend was pretty successful in some aspects and an utter failure in others. Should I dwell on the failures and then end on a high note? Or start with the good stuff and then gloss over the failures. Hmmmmm. Well, either way we drunk sake with relish (a way of going about doing something, not what you put on a hot dog. The later is too awful to even contemplate) which could fit in either category I suppose. I calling it a win because it was good sake and nobody suffered any ill effects.

Friday TheMan and I took a nap until the wee hours of Saturday morning. Then we got crazy and signed onto Warcraft to complete the seasonal whatever they were holding which ended that day. For the record, I’m getting too old to screw with my sleep schedule like that and it really didn’t matter that we were up in the ghastly hours of the morning; too many peeps were still doing the damn quests. You had to collect “hidden” eggs and turn them in for prizes and the eggs only were in a tiny portion of each starting zone. Eventually we found a zone where nobody was, but I think that’s because the color scheme of the zone matched the color palate of the eggs pretty darned good. After a while we got pretty good at spotting eggs; I credit our ongoing game of ‘Slug Bug’ for our keen ability to identify egg like shapes camouflaged situations.

I think we took a nap after our nap. Saturday was also an Egg Man day (second to last I believe) so I boogied over with the Badgardens for my egg man fix. In two more weeks (Smithee weekend!) he’ll have his last Farmer’s Market appearance and then the CSA starts up. Did I say anything about that? Probably but I’m too lazy to look it up Basically, we’ll have a standing meat and egg order that he will deliver twice a week. I think we can change things up to by e-mailing substitutions so while not as convenient as hopping down to the farmer’s market, I can at least get my Egg Man fix at regular intervals.

Speaking of things and stuff, this past week was the first of my “Let’s get back to planning meals and stop eating out” and it went well. I did not do any food shopping Saturday or Sunday so this week’s food menu, although written out, may have to get altered if we don’t stop on our way home and get some ingredients. I fail at grocery shopping. We also fail at computer shopping for we had planned on hitting Best Buy for some hard drive storage for Smithee stuff and then the Apple store for a stylus for TheMan, a travel adaptor for MomQ and to look at the new iPad. TheMan asked if I would like an iPad and at first I thought, “Meh, what’s the point?” but then ideas began to trickle in which made the iPad seem pretty cool, but I wanted to meet one. Lo! But they had them at Best Buy. They also had a super sale on movies (I mean krazy good bargains) and since we poked at an iPad (and saw shiny, shiny movies!) we checked that off our list and came home.

Wait…Apple store! Doah. TheMan ordered the rest of the stuff on-line and we went and played more Warcraft.

Sunday I did not shop but I did go over to DQ’s with my puppet fixings and we (mostly she) jammed the Bob Blob puppets (more of a single string marionette, I’ll take pics when we get them finished). All of the puppets are cut out (there is fake fur everywhere), 5 of them are sewn together, 3 of them are stuffed and 1 of them is sewn shut so the bean bag peanuts don’t get everywhere. We (she more than likely. That woman is fast on the puppeting) will more than likely have the whole lot done some time this week. DQ’s house, on the other hand, may take longer to sweep up. Fake fur is ludicrous!

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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    Nice to see you back at blogging! I still can’t post from home, but I can at school which is the ass-opposite of most things Internet.

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