I Should’ve Been Smithee Prepping

The Bob Blobs are done and ready to rampage. Or…ummm…Blobpage I guess.

You would think with the A2 Smithee show just around the corner I would be up on my prep but no. All weekend I lazed about (yeah alright, I was Warcrafting) and then it was Monday and none of the Bob Blob Stupid Looking Monsters for 2010 were done. Aieeee! Fortunately, DQ was free tonight so we did diner and puppets. Tada! All the Bobs but the white one are done and when I order an assortment of pink googly eyes then the white one will be done as well. I also managed to hot glue myself to at least one googly eye on each Bob. In most cases there were multiple gluings; hot glue is hot! I blistered my thumb. owwie.

Fortunately we have around 360 ballot packs packed but I wanted to get an even 400 which…also didn’t happen. Hmmm….I need to press more buttons to stuff in the ballot packs. I have a week!

Shopping didn’t happen either so I have no sauerkraut for chocolate sauerkraut cake. It is really good BTW, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. At least Steve’s chocolate sauerkraut cake was, I’m hoping the recipe I found on teh interwebs is also just as tasty. The cake will be making a Smithee appearance it will. Muahahahaha! I also didn’t get the fixings for Peep sushi. Looks like I’ll be shopping midweek for stuff I shoulda done this weekend. I am teh lazy.

At least we did a test run of the peep sushi at the BadGardens and I have to say it’s a lot less work intensive that regular sushi. It’s also ten times as sweet and a millionty times as cute. heh.

2009: Too lazy to post here either.

2008: I mean…cherry M&Ms? Chocolate Skittles? What could go wrong?

2007: Resting up for…ummm…LOOK OVER THERE!!!

2006: Have you ever been stuffed in a packed bus or subway car? And then you can’t get out because everyone is pushing and shoving and you are trying not to smash the beejeebus out of a little old lady or some woman who is 12 months pregnant because you are nice like that, but nobody else is and the doors are only open for so long but the little old lady/pregnant woman is moving at glacial speed and you know you wont make it unless you either put your shoulder into it and help the little old lady/pregnant woman along or do like every body else and mow her the heck down and MOVE!

2005: The puppet didn’t get done (shifted to tonight) but we have 297 working pens out of a pool of 347.

2004: OK then, it’s Monday so it must be the weekend recap and here it is: Editing. Now y’all can go home and relax.

2003: Zzzzzzzzz.

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