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I have decided to break from the normal (if there can be considered a ‘normal’) booniverse blather and do a more blog style blog entry. Enjoi!

5:22 a.m.
The alarm goes off. I instruct TheMan to set it for 6 a.m. and go right the hell back to sleep. Ahhhh, sweet, sweet sleep.

6:23 a.m.
Alright, alright, I’m outta bed already. And besides, I don’t think there is a law against hitting snooze umpteen million times in the morning. *grumble* I get up, I take a shower (and shave even! I’m all spiff-ay), I spend far too much time dinking with the cat on the bed instead of getting dressed. That’s OK, cat and I have a rousing game of milk ring in which I regret not having a camera because I managed to balance the milk ring square on his face (looping his nose if you will). Multiple times.

Breakfast of champions! I have been on a Grape-Nuts kick lately so I eagerly dig into my bowl of breakfast (which may indeed be augmented with a bit of sugar from the sugar jar) and happily crunch away. Mmmmm. Crunch Crunch Crunch. Again, I am glad I do not have TMJ.

7:25 a.m.
Off on our way! TheMan has the day off so he declines to take a shower but offers to drive me in. Oddly, he looks great for being a stinky guy, I would have never guessed by looking at him that he had not partaken of his morning ablutions. He gets out of bed, throws on some clothes and looks the seXXXy while I get out of bed and have righteous pillow-hawk and a definite air of “needs a shower”. Life is indeed unfair.

7:44 a.m.
At work. yay. At work before work…KoL time!!!

8:00 a.m.
Nine More hours until I can go home. Work makes boo cry.

9:00 a.m.
I have my tea, I am bored. I need to map out what I’m going to do today. I meet up with DQ to see if the Qs made it downstate alright. They had (arrived after 11 at night).

10:00 a.m.
I’ve done the mail. Whooty whoot whoot. I did it on time too so now the department is out of danger from exploding. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to arrange my day. I think I’ll sign on to Neopets and play some Sutek’s Tomb. It’s basically bejeweled but you get Neopoints for playing if you happen to have a Neopet. I just am a bejeweled junkie so the fact that I get points for playing is just icing on the cake. Mmmmm, cake. I need to call TheMan and see if we are doing a lunch thing with the Qs.

11:00 a.m.
Snow! Wheee!

12:00 p.m. (or rather slightly before)
I took over today’s noon deliveries as a favor so this is really coming at you from the late 11s. I found a sucker! That’s my big accomplishment so far this morning. Today I am the AHAD poster child, I can’t seem to stick on one thing without wandering off to do another thing which leads to a third thing. Meanwhile, nothing is done. I have managed to go through my work e-mail in box and tie up a few loose ends (whoo) and I futzed around with the copier but it’s still broken. I’m currently working on an outline for the committee presentation. It’s not coming along so swell.

12:40 p.m.
LUNCH! Well, after deliveries which were supposed to go smashingly easy as I had looked at 11:40 to see how much was set out to go up and the answer was zilcho from the two stashes downstairs and one book and one envelope from the cart upstairs. When I got back downstairs at noon, one spot had four enormous binders, a couple of envelopes and a FedEx package to go out and the other spot had a note asking me to pick up 25+ books from a visiting prof who has gone. WAH! Why couldn’t they have had that stuff up there before I went down TWENTY MINUTES PRIOR TO THE PICK UP TIME!!!! Therefore it took longer than I thought it might and lunch was later…

2:00 p.m.
Is not the time to be driving back from lunch when you have a meeting at 2:00. No worries though, everyone is late as usual and I’m not as late as I had feared. TheMan and the Qs whisked me away for lunch at the Olive Garden (mmmm, tasty salad!) and then whisked me back mostly on time for the meeting which always starts about 10 after. The meeting goes, I finally got a resolution to an issue solved that has been cranking me for a while because I am the boo who knows how to get stuff. BooYAW! (hey! Boo…BooYAW!).

3:00 p.m.
Departmental meeting! We talk! We plan! We strategize! I need to learn shorthand.

4:00 p.m.
The 4 o’clock deliveries have 3 envelopes. 3. Why couldn’t the noon and four deliveries be switched around today? It takes me all of maybe 15 minutes because I screwed up and had to go back up to the 9th floor to get something (not delivery related, just multitasked. Evidentially not multitasked very well, eh?) . Also ironically related, the lady who gave me the last envelope forgot to take the statistics paperwork out of it before I was gone daddy gone on my delivery route. She busted butt up to the destination point to intercept the envelope. Guess which stop was my very last stop? Why does it always happen like this?

5:00 p.m.
I’m outta here! We are grabbing eats at a presently undecided location and then heading to a historical society presentation on the founding family of the Next Town Over. Guess who that family was? The Qs! Is that not the cool or what?!?? They are doing a little presentation on great grandpa Q’s uncle’s involvement in their town.

6:01 p.m.
We are at The Lone Star Grill, or something like that, in the Next Town Over where the presentation will be. TheMan and I ate here a couple years ago when we were zombie extras in a film being shot at the little municipal airport down the way. The food was tasty so we decided to direct the Q family troupe to the same place for dinner. Our waiter is overly cheerful and chatty, which is a drastic change from the automaton zombie who sat us. (Zombie extra that never came out of makeup?) Our waiter gives the whole “Have you been to a Texas Themed Steak House Restaurant before” spiel and I pipe up that TheMan and I were here once when we filmed a movie! The waiter gets sort of star struck by that notion so I back off a little and tell him it was a low budget flick and we were just zombie extras. Then waiter’s eyes light up like two obsessed coals in the dark and I realize I have just said the crack magic words to a bad movie junkie. Errrr…sorry DadQ. I didn’t know the waiter dude would spend 15 minutes talking with us (which he did…all the time we’re thinking, “Dude, don’t you have to, like, wait tables? I mean other than ours? And while we’re on that subject, can we get our food?”) but I promotions ninja’d him about the A2 Smithee show so maybe we have another convert. Oh, right, I almost forgot. He recognized TheMan and I from Origins as he has a card booth there. Frekky. He also seems to know about the Origins Smithees, but not the A2 Smithees. I told him to bring his friends, TheMan told him to bring his enemies, maybe we’ll have a whole contingent of people from the Next Town Over this year!

7:01 p.m.
The presentation! The presenter fella looks like the bastard child of Stephen King and Crispin Glover but he is reasonably entertaining and has a good sense of humor. His talk was on one of the pillars of the Next Town Over’s community (and the same fella who did a lot of stuff in A2 lite) who was DadQ’s grandfather’s uncle. Or, TheMan’s Great Great Uncle Q (G2 UncleQ). I think. We are still working out the number of greats in the relationship but I believe G2 UncleQ was born in the earlyish 1800 (1830?) and G2 Uncle Q’s parents are the common line for both branches of Qs (and are the people who came over from the Isle of Man. Just in case you were sitting there and asking yourself “I wonder which Q ancestor was the one who came over from the Isle of Man”. Although, technically G2 Uncle Q and G2 Grandpa Q were both born on the Isle of Man but were relocated as children). Got that? Good, there will be a Q family genealogy test later this term. The Presenter fella didn’t know a whole lot about the Next Town Over Qs (or the Qs who ran the farms as G2 UncleQ had about 25,000 acres of land in Next Town Over but spent a lot of time in A2 lite) but lo! Guess who is a direct descendent of the Next Town Over Qs. Fifteen boo points if you said DadQ. There was much excitement and people (even the presenter) had a lot of questions for DadQ. It was really freaky because all these history buffs (and there were about 20 people there for the talk) all wanted to ask DadQ questions about their Qs. He was a celebrity. The Qs also had a map of the Q farms from the Q house that GrandpaQ lived in (which, incidentally, is a fairly prominent house in The Next Town Over-it was originally built as the town’s stagecoach inn) which they gave to the historical society. There are pictures too, but as I understand it the boxes of pictures were stored away in the rooms the Tanzanians were using. Maybe next time down the Qs will bring pictures. The archivist for the Next Town Over was all a-glee about the map. Lots of people were all a-glee about the fact that there was a living Q there at the meeting. Did I mention it was sort of weird?

9:00 p.m.
Back home (jiggity jig). I give my mumses a quick call and arrange a s’getti dinner with the Qs on Saturday. Then I ring up Dirge because he left a message on our machine about the furnace exploding again. Things are happening at a surreal pace over at Dirge and Shar’s (besides the exploding furnace). Shar has been intermittently looking for jobs in her field out in Seattle since the two of them are in love with the city (thankyouverymuch. It’s my birth city, I like to think I had something to do with it’s amazingness. Heh) and sometime last week or this week they got a BIG bite from a good company out there. A big bite as in it really sounds like they could be moving out there and resettling before the end of the year is up. I think that’s pretty awesome for them because it’s like their dream future has suddenly come knocking. Dude, when your dream future comes knocking, you gotta answer the door, you know? However, I am also very sad because two of my good friends are very possibly moving and entire country away. *sniff* I am boo’s melancholy despondence. If the interview goes well (and from the sound of it, the only thing that might make a negative impression is if Shar up and eats the company representative while they are talking specifics. For some reason, that tends to turn off prospective companies) they could be up and out of here before the end of the summer. *sniff* Dirge and Shar are my only boo originated friends in the area so when they move I’ll just have all the friends I met through TheMan. Not that all of you aren’t super cool and whatnot, but a boo likes to be able to hang with friends that she hasn’t met through her husband. That make any sense? I suppose we will just have to up and visit Dirge and Shar out west!

11:00 p.m.
I get off the phone with Dirge. Yeah, two hours. I gab, what can I say? But it’s late and I gotta go to bed. Besides, TheMan is giving me “the eyes” and we can’t be up until all hours tonight because we still have to go to work tomorrow. Bah work!

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