A2 Smithee 19

Welcome to the 19th annual A2 Smithee show. I have no idea why the ceiling is that pretty shade of blue (I do not believe it is so in real life, methinks it’s sort of silvery) but I’m not complaining.

This year was a little bit special because we bought a new projector! And there was much rejoicing HUZZAH! The old one was about the size of one of those rectangular laundry baskets and was a pig to move around. The new one is maybe the size of two telephone books stacked on top of each other, a tenth of the weight and 3 times as bright.

Check it out, that tiny thing behind Jason. It could be a chemistry book for all the space it takes up! I actually lost track of it when I was ballot ninjaing because it didn’t take up a huge honking section of table that people had to make room for. I’m used to the brick of a projector all THIS! IS! MY! SPACE! With the itty bitty fella people got all friendly and neighborly with it. I wonder if anyone fed it any snacks?

They could have because snacks? We had them! Badmovie bought in pairs because our new snack plan calls for equal distribution on both sides of the room. More or less. I only baked one sauerkraut chocolate cake and the Jones Sodas were in one location but most everything else was evenly split. I though that it was just an excuse to pick up 4 Utz cheeseball jugs but we went through about 3 of them so who am I to question the mighty wisdom of Iron Chef Smithee?

Utz! I must say that I did really well in terms of snackering allotment but I might have also had a whole cup of Utz balls. I love me the Utz!

Because of the new projector, we wound up getting to the Chem building really early to do a tech run through. What should we find all over the board but maths! And chemistry since…well Chem building and all. My tiny smooth brain was pretty scared so I left with LunarGeography to go back home. That and I had more buttons to press and ballot kits to count out. I am the queen of last minutery!

The BadGardens and I ame back at a more reasonable, fully balloted time to find the scary chem maths had been replaced with a proper Smithee welcome. If I were better at framing we’d actually be at the Ann Arbor Smithees but Ann Arbo has a quaint ring to it.

There were some jugglers juggling at the bottom of the atrium so I ninjad some pictures of them. This is the best one and the bowling pins fella is just about to biff the catch. If you didn’t know that though, this would be pretty cool. Sorry juggler fella for blowing your cool.

Here are the Blobs hung by the counter with care. We also had some surprise giveaways that were hand made by Dr. Wife. She and Dagoski in his alter ego Cinemal came out for the Smithees which was super fun.

Dr. Wife with her crocheted ninja. They put my Bobs to shame.

Also surprising us was Hiromasaki (pictured) and Sgt. Rock N’ Roll from the state directly south of us that shall not be named. They don’t think they will be able to catch the Origins show so they jaunted up for the A2 show. The spread of snacks took them both by surprise since we can’t do snacks in Columbus.

Lastly, Badmovie’s parents flew in from Oregon without telling anyone and crashed our party. They win 5 internets each!

Our numbers weren’t as strong as they have been but we did pull a respectable 219 max votes (third highest) and a decent 237 total bodies. A2Smithee 19 also came in third for max high low vote at 156. I will have to think about what I can do for promotion ninjaing next year to boost the attendance a touch.

All too soon the last ballot was counted, Worst Picture was announced and we all dispersed into the wind…or Pizza House for Booz and Food. Mmmm.

2009: Buttering your hands and pressing the treat glop down works just as well. You will want to moosh in short quick jabs though because the goo is warm. Very warm.

2008: Bob Blobs ate your update

2007: Too many Utz! Can’t update! Send help.

2006: Sticky popcorn is a whole lot like rice crispy treats, save sub in popcorn and add a packet of Jell-o.

2005: My mommy brought food! Awww, she (and Mr. Paul) are Smithee regulars. *sniff*

2004: JSFR: Watering Kissmint!

2003: I just lugged in, well OK I carried in because the whole package is about three inches square, a mini tea garden.

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