Recapulation! Let’s Begin!

Heh. OK! It’s Monday so you know what’s coming: The Weekend Review! [cue cheering crowd noise f/x] Just for fun and giggles, I’m gonna do it backwards!

.thgiN yadnuS ,oS !KO

Yes, My husband will agree with you; I am a butt. Anyhow, I was going to do this chronologically backwards and start with Sunday night where I did laundry and napped. It was beautirific! Except for the part where TheMan had no underwear save those few scrungy pieces you leave at the very back of the drawer in case your wife doesn’t get to the laundry in a timely fashion. Although, you know your wife has about three bazillion pairs of undies and never runs out so you gotta speak up cuz I-er I mean she’s not going to know it’s undie washin time.

Right then. I managed to get three laundry loads, more or less, done and I took two amazing naps between dryer loads. I was so dead that when the alarm went off to switch over the laundry I had no idea what was going on. Ahhhhhh, blissful sleep. Plus, you know, I was doing CHORES! TheMan was having a grump so he went upstairs to have some much needed TheMan time. It worked out good all around.

Before that, we had just gotten back from eats and the Sunday game. I highly recommend Bennagin’s broccoli bites. YummMAY. And the dipping sauce is good too. Even if you have run out of bites, they give you a lettuce leaf that you can dip in the wonderful sauce. Not that I did such a crass or tacky thing. MOVING ON! It was a sparse Sunday game, which meant we gamed through three days (whoooo!) and TheMan got his hinder handed to him by the rest of the PCs. Yup, Badmovie had us all attack TheMan’s character (‘cuz the evil overlord of mind control told us to!) and beat the beegeebus out of him. Donald’s character even took TheMan’s character out! Whooo! But in that game system it’s really hard to kill people outright so TheMan’s character was only knocked out. My character woke him up (and incidentally, did the most damage in the whole fight thankyouverymuch. Donald’s character on the other hand, exploited – with much genius – TheMan’s character’s weakness and took him out that way) which let him escape. The evil overlord of mind control is currently stuck in TheMan’s character’s head and both of them are in space so the next session ought to be interesting. The battle for TheMan’s character’s head!

Church and brunch preceded the Sunday game. The Qs were still down (leaving right after brunch) so we popped into church for the Sunday service (in which we learned the new pastor used to be a Franciscan. I am told that Franciscans are Catholic but the pastor is now Lutheran so I’m not sure how one does that in their career choices. Well, other than stop being a Franciscan and start going to Lutheran pastor school…can you just up and switch religious careers like that?) and then headed out to Chia Shang. Sadness of my heart! Chia Shang is under new ownership and the humongo fish they used to have died so the whole 100+ gallon tank was taken out. What’s a Chinese restaurant without a giant aquarium and a humongo fish? *sniff* The food was not as good as it has been but I shall not despair too much. Even in baseball you get three strikes so I guess I’ll have to mosey over a couple more times to see if indeed the food is not as grand as it once was. I think the ultimate test will be the Kung Pao because they used to have the BEST Kung Pao. But still, my Chia Shang!

And this would be Saturday in which we went over to the mumses for eats and general socializing. We had pre dinner munchies (Mmmm, Mexican Layer dip) and then tootled out to Zukey Lake Tavern for foods. They are doing some interesting things to the Tavern. It used to be this hole in the wall restaurant way back when and then they knocked out a wall and made a second eating room which doubled the seating space. I’m not sure if I ever knew the Tavern when it just had the one room. Anyhow, they did some more renovating and moved the kitchen in back and knocked out the parking lot to make more seating (and to make the kitchen functional. That place had one TINY kitchen). Now they have this giant addition thing going on that may or may not be another level or something and my mumses says they have a chef. A chef? Man, from hole in the wall bar and grill to fancy shmancy eatery.

I still ordered pizza. MmmmMmmm!

The early part of Saturday was spent…hold on to your seats here…fixing the truck and getting a bathtub! No you say. It can’t be! Yes, indeed, the truck has a new battery. TheMan and DadQ yanked the old and put in the new (while I was sitting on my hinder web surfing, which is neither here nor there) and wala! The truck! It LIVES! I heard the happy roar of a long dead V8 and a smile came to everyone’s face. So we all hopped in to run to the store when TheMan noticed the brakes were all moodgy. Moodgy? We all hopped out to discover that yes indeedy the brakes were moodgy because the brake line had ruptured and was spraying brake fluid everywhere. The truck, she goes! But the truck, she no stop. I have a feeling that somewhere I pissed off the truck gods and this is their payback. ARRRRGH!

Fortunately, the Qs drove the van down and the van will fit a tub. I am highly embarrassed that we had to haul the tub in another vehicle.

Guess who can’t remember what they did Friday night! No wait…it’s coming back. Ahhh, pasta! We did pasta for the first time with the pasta maker. We even dragged out the good dishes and had the Qs over. Fancy. The pasta was OK, I think TheMan needs to tweak the recipe (took him a while to get it pastaesque) and it was rather late in coming out but we had cheesy rolls and guacamole too. Mmmmm, guacamole. We didn’t have any limes, sadly otherwise it would have been the BOMB Mmmmm guacamole.

Is that it? I believe it is! Whooo! OK, I’m going to go take a nap now.

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