OMG Smithee Weekend!

This was the weekend of our second show and a much bigger show than the Smithees at Smith. I talked all about that yesterday so here’s the rest of the weekend.

Friday TheMan’s work had a parTAY for the outgoing department head and the incoming department head at one of the professor’s house. TheMan is always going on about wanting to get a beaded curtain thing to hang somewhere (the location moves around) and I have so far nixed that idea pretty soundly. Well, OK that’s not entirely true, I said that I did not want a beaded curtain at the downstairs, between the living room, at our bedroom or wherever else he thought was a keen spot but if he wants to have a beaded curtain in his office space upstairs than that’s fine with me. The only problem is that his office space is crammed full of stuff that needs to be sorted and pitched or packed so the area isn’t really ready for a beaded curtain. Anyway, I bring this up because the professor’s house had a tikki lounge complete with a palm leaf topped bar and…you might have guessed already…a bamboo beaded curtain.

I still think it’s sort of a pain to walk in and out of a beaded curtain but wow did that curtain totally go with the decor. There was also this awesome hanging puffer fish lamp that I told TheMan we could so totally get one if the opportunity arose. Most! Awesome! Lamp! Ever! The tikki didn’t stop with the lounge either; it opened up to a tikki themed yard which was FABULOUS! I took notes (although I think we are going to do a more Chinese/Japanese garden thing but I loved some of the landscaping. They had raised beds all around the trees with both periwinkle and English ivy that looked awesome. Ima totally steal that idea). As for the rest of the party, the food was fab (catered by Catherine’s catering…who did our wedding way back when. They have not lost their touch) and the house was weirdly fun. Art peeps have unique decorating skills so it was fun to wander about and look at all there was to see. This also included the tank of hissing cockroaches (see above shot). Very cool but you would not catch anything like that in my house. NosireeBob; I’d have the one tank with a lid failure. As far as I could tell, it looked like if you had two hissing cockroaches you had a millionty of them. YIKES!

They were cool to watch though.

Saturday started out early with the last EggMan run before he starts up the CSA. I am a little sad for my ability to change my meat order on a whim gets a little more complicated if the meat order is a standing order but on the other hand, meat is delivered to me and I gotta go nowhere and I get eggs! I also have to plan a little better but that is part of one of my New Year’s thingies isn’t it? Did I include trying to get back to meal planning as a New Year’s Intention? I can’t remember but I am trying to do it anyway so there you go. Of course there was the show, which took up a significant part of our Saturday.

Sunday we lay low and got lazy. Yes we did! We might have also done a Brewpub run because why not? I had today off so I didn’t much care how late I was out and about.


2009: We ran out of drinks around the intermission and the snack pickings by the end of the show were very slim indeed.

2008: You can imagine that this did not go over well with Cranky McStupidHead. People were not RESPECTING his AUTHORITAY!!!

2007: JSFR: Kame Rice Crunch Crackers (unsalted)

2006: We pulled in 271 unique Smithee people last year but only 237 this year. Ninja slackering? Hmmm!

2005: You could spill a cup of coffee two floors away and it would somehow wind up on my desk today. Le sigh.

2004: I get to do something different today, I get to proctor a full exam. Whooo!

2003: Looks like today’s proctoring is a laptop exam. I would so fail one of those. I type about 30 words a minute.

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