The Start of Smithee Season and Stuff

There are any number of things I *should* be doing that I’m not because I just don’t wanna. Yup, I hit that point early on today where I just look at my pile of stuff and say “Fuck it! Aint gonna do it” and go on to find something mindless and amusing to do. What I have done is gear up for the Smithees and get all my promotions Fu ducks in a row.

So I’ll start with the Smithee stuff. Buttons! I pulled out the button stuff, which I need to organize into something other than the cardboard box they are currently in, and took a look see at what we had. 2 and 1/2 inch buttons? We got them by the truck load. There is a giant bag of them I haven’t even opened plus half a giant bag left over from last year. I also found an invoice in the box (but not the original invoice for the button maker, oddly enough) for an order placed last year for 500 buttons and button parts. We swimmin in 2 1/2 inch buttons yo. Or maybe it’s 2 1/4. Whatever. Buttons!

Sadly, Badge-a-minute doesn’t have magnetic 1 and a fractional inch buttons. I called them last night to see if A) the button press I currently have would work for 1 and a fractional inch buttons and B) if they had magnetic backs for the 1 and a fractional inch buttons. Yes and No. Ergo (Workshop!), I probably wont be getting a 1 and a fractional inch button maker this year since the whole point was to make 1 and a fractional magnets. *sniff*

I have been designing a new promotional button idea to go along with the traditional SLM and general trash can promo buttons: Smithee quotes. Of course there is the classic, “I stayed up to watch the end of this?!?” but I’m also thinking of grabbing some classic movie lines. I’m not sure how “in” I’ll make the jokes but there will be something out there quote wise that I hope will make people chuckle.

TheMan and I tackled multiplayer Civ last night which was fun up until the time we accidentally won. TheMan has a hack pack for the server…client? Anyhow, he can tell the server how many goodies to put out, what kind of world to design, what number and type of starting units everyone begins with, that sort of stuff. Evidentially he forgot to tell it to add any AI players for when we met somewhere around 500 AD and just at the beginning of the fun we made a peace pact. The next turn the game was over. If you only have two players and they make peace that seems to be one of the ways to win the game. Whoops. I still have a lot to learn about Civ but last night was more fun than the first time I played. Besides, Martians rock.

OK, that’s it. I’m outta stories and twitchy to boot.

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