On Va-CAY-tion

I took half a day off of work yesterday and the whole day off from posting. Wha-ha! Actually, nothing happened on Wednesday worth posting so I didn’t. But today, whooo! It’s amazing what 4 hours off of work will do to greatly increase one’s happiness. Oh, and also decrease one’s own sense of what the hell day of the week it is. I mean really, I get to work at 1pm, have a meeting at 2, deliveries at 4 the day is practically shot for productive work anyhow…just like a Friday! Which I was thoroughly convinced it was by the end of the day. Oh how hard the morning hit today. I wasn’t supposed to get up, it was Saturday! Wahhhhh! So, I decided I wasn’t going in at all today, just sending my body to work (because I really had no excuse to not be here except that I didn’t wanna) while my brain took a vacation. Unfortunately, my brain forgot to stay home so everyone’s here today at work. Well, everyone except the boss. Whooo!

Ahhh, but yesterday. Lemmie wax poetically about yesterday wherein I had to get up BUTT EARLY to drive TheMan in for a video shoot. Bah! I didn’t shower though because I was on vacation! and decided I wasn’t going to shower until I got home from dropping TheMan off. Just because I could and because I was on vacation. My plan was to drop off, shower, call to get the truck towed and make it in for a 9am doctor’s appointment, which would have worked swell if indeed TheMan’s video gig was at 7, not 8. It was at 8, which meant he was dropped off at 7:30 and I got home at 8. Not enough time to shower and call for a tow. Hey, I may be on vacation but damned if I was going to the doc’s all stinky.

So I wandered to the doc’s, got all doced (Woah does that look weird. Docked? whatever, just nod and smile and read along) and noticed on my way home that I was on the road that would lead me to The Great Harvest Bread Company. Can you hear the angelic chorus that comes with the printing of The Great Harvest Bread Company? I sure can. Listen closely: The Great Harvest Bread Company. Hear it that time? Well if you didn’t then you have probably never visited one and need to stop reading and get your butt to a GHBC (small chorus for the abbreviated version), stat. Those of you who can hear it know exACTly what I’m talkin about. MmmmMmm!

So up I wandered to The Great Harvest Bread Company [*Laaaaaaaaaaaa*] because I was on vacation and I was in the neighborhood. Luckily for my slacker brain, there was also a CVS pharmacy and a Pet Supplies Plus in the same complex (that I had completely forgotten about) so when responsible brain kicked in about having to go home and call for a tow blah blah dead truck in the driveway cakes, slacker brain said “Hey man, pharmacy. We got a scrip and have to wait for it to fill anyway so chill. Plus, we need kitty litter and look, pet store. So get off my back and enjoy a cookie already.” and that’s exactly what we did. I did. Whatever, I was on vacation.

I went into the pet store with a mission to get some kitty litter and scram (so I didn’t grab a cart) but then they had giant sized bags of kitty food, which seem to have disappeared off the face of all the shops I regularly shop at. Hiller’s only caries the football bags (big as the ball, about as expensive as tickets to a game). Meijers has one kind of big bag, maybe, and it makes my cats fat and Krogers? Oh sure they carry “Iams” but only in football bags or cans if you want to feed a cat. Dogs? Hell, you can get a 400# bag of dog food but anything over three ounces to feed a cat? Chyuah right. OK, I’ve totally lost my train of thought here…what was I talking about? Oh right, pet store. So after finding the bazillion pound (re:20ish) bag of kitty litter and the bazillion pound (re:25, because they gave you 5. EXTRA. POUNDS.) bag of cat food, I thought about the aisle of cat beds I had passed. The kitties really enjoyed the animal bed at mumses and Isaak has been freaking out so maybe I ought to go look at them.

So I did. And on the way to the beds I happened by the kitty toy aisle and lo! They had FINALLY come out with more fun shapes in the kitty toys Isaak prefers. Bonus. Plus, they had the cutest octopus with dangly leg bits in the same sort of style so Isaak might indeed like it and Vande was sure to go nuts over it. She likes the dangly bits. I picked up a yellow frog, a plaid cat and a blue-topus (which now I’m thinking I really ought to have grabbed one in pink so it could be the octo-pink. Ah well) and looked over the cat beds. I’ll get to the quick and say “Yeah, I got one of those too” and marched (re: staggered) to the check out with my 2 bazillion pounds of kibble and litter, a bed and three toys. Score!

I got home scripted, pet supplied and fed (Mmmm, GHBC [Laa]), and played with the cats and their new toys some. Isaak was, of course, freaked about the bed and the toys and kept beating up on Vande when she nosed her way in to see what was going on. He claimed the bed and two of the three toys while Vande moped around trying to look like she didn’t care. I assume she was all disgruntled about getting whacked in the head every time she wanted to play or nap on the New! Things! I let them be for a bit while I took a long (long, LONG, long) steamy hot shower (cuz I wuz on vacation!), and then I came back to find both plaid cat and yellow frog missing. One. Half. Hour. 66% of all the new toys gone in 30 minutes. Those little bastards.

Right then! Responsible brain kicked in so I called AAA to get the truck towed, called the garage to let them know the truck was coming and then went out to move the bug around the block. By the time I walked back to the house the tow guy was pulling into the drive! It couldn’t have been more than 10 minutes since they were called…when does that EVER happen? He had a big ol’ flat bed too and with a scootch here and a varoom there he had the truck up and locked down all ready to roll. Ever see a flat bed hauling an F-150? ImPressIve. The best part was that I could just give him the keys to the truck and vamoose to work. The bad part was I was no longer on vacation. BAH! I did spend lunch with TheMan though. Score!

BTW, Word recognizes both “bazillion” and “vamoose” as words. Just thought you’d like to know.

Happy snoozy kitty!

We worked, we came home via Yatsuba’s and some fantastically delish sushi and got back to cats in the new bed. Yellow frog reappeared (as evidenced by the pic above. We found frog in the closet) but plaid cat was still MIA. We were going to play a bit of Civ, but I took a “nap” and wound up waking up this morning. Heh. Maybe tonight.

I’ll leave you with a message from Isaak:
Fuck Off you hairless apes

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