What? An Update?


And a muffin picture to boot! Yes, I don’t update for five days (heh POOOOST dated!) and I come back with a Muffin Picture! Ha! I just wanted y’all to see my shiny beautiful muffins and guess what they are made of. Go on, guess! I’ll give you a hint: I made them with a bran muffin recipe but substituted an Instant Snack (not a cereal!) for the bran. Oh yes, I made Jolly Pong Muffins!

They are rather eh but pretty good with lite strawberry cream cheese. I decided to cut down on the sweet since I was using Jolly Pong as a muffin base (and because Joy of Cooking – yes, I got out the big guns for this – calls for about three pounds of sugar, honey and molasses) but I think I cut a little too much, or molasses and Jolly Pong just don’t get along. Next time maybe.

So, since I haven’t posted since Friday (other than the JSFR) it must be time for a Weekend Recap! Can you get enough of this? Return of the muffin pics and a weekend recap? Can you stand the excitement?

OK, don’t answer that.

So Friday. Oh. My. God. Friday. Man was not meant to sit on…errr….man’s ass for eight straight hours of Civ playing. Yeah, I can’t believe it either but we sat down to play about 8pm (I was the Martians. Heh) and somewhere around midnight my poor butt started poking me in the…errr…whatever it is that a butt pokes to get the body’s attention. Ow. But (heh) we soldiered on! About 2am I was all for quitting because I think I was thoroughly bruised in the posterior region but there was just a tiny bit left to go in the game. At 4am we won! Huzzah! Except we didn’t win because the computer calculates by blah blah AI winning cakes points and one of the computer players won. He/she/it had ZERO for a literacy score and still won. How do you win with a world of illiterates? I think I developed bed sores too, bastard computer. Ugh.

Saturday we slept in. Heh!

Saturday was supposed to be a Traveler game but Mssr. Gonkweasel was still suffering from The Ill. Due to a mix up we didn’t get the notice until we were over at TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel’s house but as it turned out, Mssr. Gonkweasel wasn’t so ill that we couldn’t stay for some visiting. He was just a little too foggy in the head to run the game.

You know, I have no idea what we did Saturday night but it did NOT involve any Civ or sitting on the couch. Maybe.

Sunday we had plans to go GEOCASHING! with Scott except TheMan woke up with The Sick (different than The Ill). Foo. Considering the storm that moved in this week (yeah, out of synch. Shhh, just read and nod) we’re probably not going to get to test out our GPS receiver for a while yet. Welcome to Michigan Winter! I did get around to a lot of house chores though (ummm, yea?) including beating back the horde. HA! I also baked a chocolate fudge cake, the mooofans (pictured lovely above) and some biscuits for dinner. Whooopah. Call me Ms. Industrious.

Other than that, it’s work and things and stuff. Hmm, maybe I’ll save the things and stuff for tomorrow so I have something to post. Good idea. Heh.

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