“Things” and “Stuff”: A Real(er) Entry

Do you realize it took me two hours to write that entry for yesterday? Two. Hours. It probably took me so long to write because I had to fight against the SUCK that was my creativity. Aunty Em! Aunty Em! I can’t reach the keyboard! Ahhhhh!

Well anyway, I left myself “Things and Stuff” to talk about today soas I would have a little somat to write about and not pull a Tuesday on y’all (after not posting for a couple days there). Things and Stuff translates in to, at least workwise, a PRESENTATION! for a committee that nobody really wants to be on, or have to go to their stuff. At least it’s not the committee that no one wants to be on, go to their stuff and has had its own members try to disband it for three years running. I was the chair of that committee last year. Whoooo boy, fun times. The committee I’m currently on has the task of educating the general work place about specific departmental functions or general work functions which everyone can benefit from. That’s all well and keen if each department didn’t already have a tour that educated everyone on what happened in that department. Errr…OK can you say redundancy? Still though, it beats being on the committee that everyone keeps trying to disband.

The chair and I did a presentation on the flow of materials through the library, which went over really well. It was grinding out to be the World’s Worst Presentation Ever (TM) until the chair had a brilliant flash of inspiration. We would have the audience be participants! There’s nothing like a little audience action to keep people awake. They really seemed to enjoy it, we kept a good balance of participation without being put on the spot (they didn’t really have to do anything but hand me books) and I ran all over the place warming up my ballot ninja 5k1llz. Plus, I got to go and scrounge books beforehand and let me tell you, I am the queen of scrounge. If one could MacGyver scrounge I would have a double PhD in that. I’m a natch.

Errr…what was the “stuff”? OH right! Get this (and you may want to be sitting down) I have one JSFR written and waiting to go (OK, I’ve had that one ready to go for two weeks now but it is a variation on another JSF that I wanted to try first for comparison), and I just finished reviewing another, but the most amazing part is that I have, ready and waiting on line, FIVE (count them) snack foods photographed. The pics are what holds me up a lot of the time because I’m too lazy to snap them and TheMan shouldn’t have to do my hobby work for me (although I really appreciate it when he does *flutter* *flutter*). Of course it is sometimes because the write up hasn’t been written up which makes things happen in post date fashion but for me, the pic seems the insurmountable portion of the review. Maybe that’s because I’m not all that comfortable with the camera yet, as evidenced by a few of the pics. I swear the pic for the gum was GREAT when I took it, but it turned out a little dark. It does have some cool reflective effects which I am very proud of. Artsay!

Speaking of pics, if you take a look at the JSFRs I’ve been photographing you might notice the computer mange has spread. My poor powerbook! I don’t know what up with that, maybe I’m special (pronounced spayshul). Least you think that my laptop has accelerated its special brand of leprosy, rest assured, it has not. The exfoliation has been happening at a pretty steady pace. The key has been that TheMan, up until last week’s JSFR, has been the primary photographer for the JSFR project and he can frame a JSFR pic neatly and not have any mange showing. Me? Not so much. So be prepared to witness a lot more mange as I have been the principal photographer for the upcoming six or so. If it distresses you overly, you can avert your eyes.

Hmmm, OH! We had a presentation today put on by the other group (the one nobody wants to be a part of) and it was interesting. We went over the DISC behavioral whatsit thingie which was sort of cool. I’m an Expressive! Yeah, not a lot of people saw that coming. The lady used terms that weren’t DISC terms so I can’t tell you which DISC I am other than the one that is the out going but big pictured. I’d hate to be my opposite though, they got the suck for good vibe examples. The Amiables were all “blah blha lets get along happy cakes”, the Academics were the “steady as she goes, let’s not change too fast” and the Drivers were the “Get Out Of My Way You Stupid Slow Bitch”. That may sound weird but all the examples they had for people who aren’t necessarily people people, detail oriented and goal driven were not very flattering. I talked to one guy afterward and asked him what he came out. His response was “Fascist”. Ow.

Right now I’m trying to decide what to do once I finish updating. I really should bake a cake, but I’m really sleeeepy and there are Japanese Snack Foods looking me in the eyeball waiting to be tried. I also have my Smithee puppet making stuff out and have started on a bit of that. I’ll let you know tomorrow what happened. Right now, I think I’ll exercise option number two and take a nap before baking a cake. Mmmm, nap.

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