After Smithee Weekend

I underestimated the time it would take to finish up drying my jeans this morning so I am a tad damp. On the other hand, I have a Surprise Penguin in my pocket. On the whole, I think I’m coming out on top.

TheMan had a vacation day today so it’s probably been pantsless o’clock for him for most of the day. He doesn’t have to worry about whether his clothes are dry in time for morning departure. He might not even have seen morning! I should have kept today as a vacation day. Le sigh. On the other hand in two or three hours my pants were more or less dry and I had on my happy bright yellow MomQ shirt with a green accent shirt underneath AND my new green amber earrings. Plus, the Surprise Penguin in my pocket for half the day.

The Smithee discs went out to The Sultan and fearless leader along with a set of Smithee magnets (Sultan) and the Surprise Penguin (FL). I thought in the spirit of the Penguin it should totally take a ride in the mail and show up randomly at someone else’s house. That seems to be how the Surprise Penguin rolls. I only wish I had gotten a pic of said Penguin in my shirt pocket because it really complemented the shirt. Alas, my camera was occupeido and didn’t make it in with me today (re: I forgot to unplug it from my computer last night when I uploaded pictures).

Ooooo! Guess what guess what! We came home from Penguicon to find a lumpy mail envelope in the mailbox. It was the usual size and shape of a shirt envelope so I was pretty excited. I have forgotten what all shirts are on the way (I believe there may be 2 patterns that haven’t yet made an appearance. Possibly fishes and another color of island boat guys) so I was geeked about which pattern was showing up in my mail box. One can never have too many Hawaiian shirts. Anyhow I thought it was a shirt but when I grabbed it out of the mailbox, it rattled oddly. Like a bag of bugles might…or…

A whole stash of Japanese Snacks! I forgot that the Qs are vacationing in Hawaii and they sent me Japanese snacks from the islands! WHEEEE!

I’m still not even half way through my January J-List snacks!

The CSA starts this week (Wednesday) and I still have 2.5 dozen eggs in my fridge. I’ll get another 2 dozen to last me two weeks but I do not need 4 plus dozen eggs. Egg salad sammiches are on the dinner list! Also, it’s been a long time since I had egg salad sammiches and the thought appealed to me immensely. I’m not sure what all else we’re having for dinner and lunches this week but I should pull the chicken from the freezer before I get another chicken. I also have some pork cutlets in the fridge that want to become egg roll stuffing but I didn’t go shopping so we don’t have any cabbage. Plus egg rolls aren’t a meal unto themselves so I need to figure out what a main dish would be. I still want to make egg rolls though, maybe I need to invite people over for an egg roll party!

Want to hear something weird? I’m beginning to like working out in the mornings. That’s not right. Send help!

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  1. StalkerPatti Says:

    I want to go to an eggroll dinner.

  2. boo Says:

    Oooo! I forgot about the egg roll wrappers! I must to use them!

    I wonder what an egg roll dinner would be like. Would you get several different kinds of egg rolls? Like egg roll dim sum?

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