I had a fanTAStic weekend!

Friday was pretty easy: I came home, took a nap and then decided I didn’t want to get up. So I didn’t. Zzzzzzzzz.

Saturday, however, I was up bright and early to go plant shopping with LunarGeography. It was time…time to go get us some pretties (and tasties). We wound up with a millionty different tomato plants (chocolate cherry tomatoes? could be good, could be bad, we’ll find out!) and several millionty kinds of hot pepper plants. There were also some flowers bought and I grabbed up a hanging basket of something that looks like petunias but tinier and on long floppy stalks. Verbinia? I had it once in my big ‘ol pots but it didn’t flow like petunias are supposed to. I’m waiting for the petunias to actually do their awesome wave over my buckets thing but what I get doesn’t look so bad. Anyway, I got a hanging basket this year to hang in my garden.

We also went to Starbucks for coffee (after having coffee before embarking on our plant extravaganza) because it was CHILLY yo. The wind was whipping about making everything colder including my toes when it blew right through the mesh of my tennies. That was a weird feeling. However, before our second coffeeing we hit Lowes for some tomato buckets and accessories. I found some really pretty hummingbird feeders and picked up two for to put in my garden. One is a feeder on a stick which will go into the Isaak memorial cat bucket and the other is a hanging deelie which will be hung somewhere. I think I need another shepherd’s hook if I’m hanging feeders and windchimes. I also picked up another two set of landscape lights. By the end of summer I might just have the front all lit up. Maybe. Anyhow, I gots more lights HUZZAH!

Lastly, I picked up a small porch planter bucket and some dirt to put together my mother’s day present. I had gotten some petunias and some pansies (I think) and a tuft of black eyed Susans and made a little flower arrangement.

After noon (and a trip to Starbucks for warmer coffees) I rounded up TheMan for a trip to a cat show. Earlier in the week I had called up the lady who runs the Devonshire Rex cattery nearby and she said to come out and meet her cats at this show. We went and wandered about but when we found her place, she was busy with some people. We wandered by to look at other cats when lo! TheMan recognized one of the Abyssinian catteries. She is based in his home town and when he was younger he would catsit for her. She wasn’t in either but by that time the Devonshire lady was free so we wandered back. Devons are the cuuuuutest thing ever! and we got to hold the nicest calico version of Yoda I’ve ever met. Hee. Seriously, this cat was mellow and friendly and just fun.

We chit-chatted a bit (I think we’re going to call back later on when she expects to have kittens and arrange a kittening. SQUEEE!) and then mentioned that we were going to see the lady TheMan knows from oop nord. In one of those small world moments, we learned that the Devonshire cat lady used to raise Abyssinian and in fact sold the oop nord lady her first Abyssinian. It was a pretty fun cat show and I got to pet kitties, which is always nice.

Sunday I zoomed the zoom of zooming up to mumses’s house and burnt her breakfast for Mother’s day. What can I say? I make much better scrambled eggs than I ever did omelets. We had a good time and she enjoyed her flowers quite a bit.

2009: I hets early morning gardening but you gotta do what you gotta do to get the gardens growing, which was what this weekend was all about. I still hets mornings though.

2008: KITTIES!!! No updating.

2007: So…where did it go? I mean, it’s not like anyone can keep it on their desk for a year or two.

2006: Someone needs to sit them down and have one of those talks. You know, the ones that go something like: “Commander Sisko, I keep sending you runabouts and you keep losing them or getting them destroyed. I’ve had it up to here, young man, with your irresponsibility. Do I have to ground you until you can come home with all the runabouts you left with? Hmmm?”

2005: And two, (which I think really needs its own sentence that has a logical and grammatically correct sentence structure), errrmmmm, two I’m lazy.

2004: He was like four people on crack stuffed into one body and he would Not. Shut. Up.

2003: Plants!!! Still no updating.

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