The Girl with the Cilantro Tattoo

We had a couple of plans for today depending on the weather. For most of the day it was awesome and bright (with a bit of windy thrown in) and absolutely awesome lawn mowing weather. Then at 4:30 Nature got bitchy and started to snot rain everywhere which is not awesome mowing weather at all. Especially when you have an electric mower (ZOTCH!). Hrumph.

So off to the Michigan Theater we went to see “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” which was our back up bad weather plan. Of course they had a 4:00 ish showing, which we missed, and then a 7 pm plus (7:45?) showing which was later than I wanted to be out on a school work night. Buuuuut we haven’t seen a movie in the theater for quite some time and it was raining and yucky so we went.

We kicked around dinner ideas, since the tickets weren’t going to be on sale until 7 anyway and ended up moseying to Tios. Then we realized it was Cinco de Mayo and that Tios (a really tasty local Mexican place) was packed to the gills with celebrants. We revised our plans and continued on to Seva, a local vegetarian place. Seva can be hit or miss with their food, I’ve had awesome dishes and I’ve had overpriced vegetarian crap so I was curious as to which sort of meal it would be today. I started off with a cup of this mushroom cheese soup that was FANTASTIC and TheMan got a white bean chili which would have also been fantastic if they hadn’t loaded it down with cilantro. TheMan is one of those people who isn’t built to taste the awesome of cilantro (it tastes like soap to him) so any bit of it in a meal ruins the experience. To me, cilantro tastes both sort of minty and kind of metallic which doesn’t bother me in small doses but I’d be happier if a dish came with parsley instead. Why don’t people use parsley anymore? Anyway, there was so much cilantro in the chili that it might as well have had peppermint Tic Tacs and aluminum foil added to it. Yuck.

And who puts cilantro in chili?

Then we ordered dinner and my black bean burger was festively festooned with cilantro. What the heck? Cilantro is not the miracle ingredient of delightful cooking you know. Also…cilantro in a black bean burger? What’s THAT about? The burger was also mushy like paste which I do not like so much as a burger so my meal was very meh. Mmmm, aluminum and Tic Tac black bean burger for the lose. TheMan at least had a dish that wasn’t infested with cilantro so that was good. Apparently, Seva is really into the cilantro so if you are one of those people for who the herb tastes nasty, ask about everything before ordering.

Chili. What the hell??

The tiramisu was totally worth it though. Seva now has the top tiramisu in my list of awesome tiramisus (Seva, Beppa de Bocca, Paesannos in case you wondered).

After our cilantrofest, we moseyed on over to the theater. The Girls with teh Dragon Tattoo is a really good movie with some unexpected violence. It took a bit of getting used to the subtitles but after about 15 minutes I didn’t notice them anymore. In fact, towards the end there is a scene that takes place in Australia and I totally didn’t realize the Aussies weren’t subtitles but the Swedish characters were. Heh. I’d recommend the Swedish version since I know the American remake is going to be watered down and not as good.

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