Compost Mochi Weekend

Yuck…I had one of those weekends where I did a ton of stuff and now it feels like I didn’t have a weekend.

At least I did nothing Friday night, except the usual face plant for a nap and then decide I wasn’t going to get up. I suppose that was my day of relaxing right there.

Saturday I was up earlyish (well, noonish) with LunarGeography, two shovels and an empty truck bed awaiting compost. We drove out to the compost place and then proceeded to fill my truck somewhat close to the top of the bed rails with compost. Officially(ish) the 2 cubic yard line is about 6 inches lower than the rail but we reached the “boo and LG are DONE shoveling” line a little sooner. That’s a lot of shoveling yo! Then we had to unshovel all the compost at the compost destination points and man. That’s like double shoveling! Badmovie chipped in a bit (yay) and TheMan mowed my garden. Yeah, it’s a little overgrown.

After compost I weeded for about an hour and a half. I gone done got my gardening on!

Sadly, I really wanted to shower up and take a nap before Smithee Nite out but I was already in my grungy composty cloths and the weeds were mocking me so I had to pull them. YOINK! Then it was shower, dress and motor on over (ped actually) to The Corner Brewery for Smithee Nite out. It went well, we got eats and booz. BOOZ!

Sunday Badmovie, LunarGeography and I drove out to Novi for a Japanese Wagashi demonstration by Shoji Nishizawa. (Blurily pictured above; last person on the right) He’s a famous Japanese Confectionery fella (like a master sweetman) that the sister state thingit society peoples brought over from Shiga, Japan. I knew that some cities had sister cities but did you know that Michigan has a sister state (well, the equivalent to a state. I think they call them prefects)? I did not.

Sadly, since this was a big cultural muckity much exchange thing we had to sit through 45 minutes of speeches. 45 minutes of dignitary A followed by dignitary B and the audience was full of tiny kids. I have no idea what that was about but 45 minutes of talking heads is way too much for the 3 to 8 crowd and there were a ton of tiny tots running around. The demonstration was wikid cool but I have to encourage the Civic center to beat their AV tech soundly about the head with dead fish because the sound suXX0red (they had to hand mike a laptop presentation. Oh come ON!!) and the demonstration, which was of tiny things, had but one close up at the end (when they figured out how to use the cameras?). That was poor. Then we all got in line to buy some of the mochis but there were more people than they expected. I *think* everyone got something but by the time we got to the table there were only 8 packages of mochi left and there were at least 20 people behind us. Still, it was very cool.

Here are all 9 million of us lined up to purchase mochi. I wound up with one package of sakura mochi since there was only 4 of them left and about 8 soup things. They really didn’t expect s many people as they got.

My mochi, which were rather boring compared to what was made at the demonstration (first pic). The post cards are also some of Shoji Nishizawa creations done in sugar. Woah! I thought they were just pretty Japanese like pictures of cherry blossoms and whatnot but during the 45 minutes of not demonstration (which was a pretty cool power point presentation, actually) they had a pic of his award winning sugar thingit and lo! There were the things in the postcards all done up as candy. It was some sort of sugary installation that he won beaucoup awards for (which was also about five feet tall and slightly less wide). Color me super impressed.

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