Thursday the 13th Roy G. Biv

My Joseph’s Coat is doing marvelously! I had to hack it back quite a bit it was that enthusiastic about climbing. It can also account for at least 3 of the Roy Gs all on its lonesome. LOVE!

Here’s a little detailing of the new Chinese restaurant next door to Hua Xing. The old restaurant was a garish GREEN and RED and was…OK. I have not yet been to the new and improved restaurant next door but I hear it’s much more ‘all that’ than the former one was. I shall make it a mission to partake of the new Chinese foods soon!

On a walk here and there I spied this orange writing on a stump. Graffiti tag or surveyors mark? The only thing for sure is that there is no big tree there any more. Sad.

Pooh Bear has his own little rocking chair in the music room up north. Pooh Bear is also the size of a toddler. Pooh Bear scares me.

GO! Which the opposite of what you should be doing if this were yellow. I know it sounds like the duh news but I have lost track of how many times I’ve been sitting at a red light and just when it turns green for me some asshat accelerates through the intersection on “deep amber”. Apparently there is a huge zone where people are unable to slow down when they see a yellow light off in the distance. That’s funny, I didn’t think there were THAT many Toyotas around.

Why do I have a picture of blue M&Ms? For what reason did I evict the blue ones? Or did they have a thing wherein you could get a bag of only blue M&Ms? I DO NOT KNOW!

Playing the part of indigo today will be plums. We have started up with the wine making again and the plum wine is awaiting a carboy for primary fermentation. I would like to also fire up a batch of cranberry wine if only to get the 22 bags of cranberries out of my freezer.

Here and there are scattered some very pretty Victorian style houses. This one is in the best shape and with the best paint job (although I think there is a gold one nearby that runs a really tight second).

2009: No colors were to be found this year.

2008: Black and white with no posting for you.

2007: How drab it was back then.

2006: JSFR: Crepe Chocolate

2005: and a whole stack of empty manila folders in all sorts of pretty colors (away with th-wait! Pretty! Shiny! OK, keep them but get rid of any and all of my boring banged up manila folders. Yes! Away with the boring!)

2004: I also found another beetley bug on the night stand and on top of some receipts (on the night stand) so I came to the conclusion that I did NOT snot out an African Brain Eating Bug the other day, but in fact snotted ON the poor bugger. Ew.

2003: Last time I tried that my critter came out looking like a pissed off beaver. It was supposed to be a goldfish.

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