I, Robitussin

Uuuuugh, the plague! The Plague! Ahhh, my delicate spleen. So yeah, Saturday night (or more accurately, some the hell time in the middle of the wee hours of technically Sunday, you bastard plague) I had a coughing fit which I would have sworn on some righteous swearing materials was caused by inhaling a bit of phlegm down the wrong tube. Much to my surprise, it was the onset of the spring time plague. How does that happen? I can pinpoint to the exact time (or could have if I had looked at the clock at oh-dark-hundred when I nearly expelled a lung) the transition between happily almost sleeping and sick. BAH!

So I’ve been low Monday and today with The Sick, which mostly involves a soupy head (not too much on the drippy front. Yet) and the periodic need to get rid of one or both of my lungs. Horch! On the other hand, I have been reacquainted with my best friend Robitussin. I love Robitussin. MmmmMmmm, Robitussin, like pie but quieter. I even made TheMan stop and get me more of my friend Robitussin on his way home because I was running low (shock! gasp! (cough)) and one should never be without their best friend Robitussin when one is going through organ rejection of the lung variety. Whew! Recently Alka-Seltzer has also become my new best friend as has the bed. Sleep, hoark a lung, drink the fizzy, drink the Robitussin, sleep, wash, rise, repeat.

You will excuse me if this entry is a bit weird…I’m trying to work coherently through a nice case of soupy head so things might not make much sense. At least in hindsight, right now I think I’m writing Pulitzer material. Go me!

Lets see then…hmmmm. Well, we did something Friday which was probably a whole lot of sitting on our butts dinking around with the computers. Or not and TheMan will give me the “I can’t believe you forgot FRIDAY” song and dance and I’ll just point to my head and say “I got a get out of Friday Hell Free ticket right here!”. Whatever, we didn’t solve world hunger so it’s not really worth posting right? Right! Moving on.

Saturday was the return of the Smithee Watch (05? 06? I can’t keep track of it really. We view in ’05 but for the ’06 Smithees so take your pick) which of course meant a bunch of running around cleaning beforehand. Hey! I remember what we didn’t do on Friday and that would be the housework we needed to do for Saturday. How’s that for remembering through the goop? Nice. TheMan did a bang up job on the bathroom (shiny!) and I went shopping for things and stuff (and guac) and I do believe I attacked and vanquished the Horde in several fell swoops (and TheMan on the drying towel). TheMan did most of the cleaning, actually, and I think he is the best husband ever! That and because he hasn’t wandered off to the couch yet through my nights of The Plague sleep, in which I toss and turn and hoark up my and the neighbor’s lungs.

Unfortunately, the movies were really quite blah. Not much ito Smitheeage and one (Slave of the Cannibal Gods) was a little too gratuitous with the animal mauling. Yeah, jungle, great but really…the live dissection of the lizard I did not need to see. Ugh. Animals were severely hurt, maimed and killed in this flick and for no real good reason other than to show animals getting severely hurt, maimed and killed. No thanks. We did get a great Inane with immediate payback, which doesn’t often happen. Usually the audience has to infer that “We’re safe here!” isn’t going to go down that way. Not so with Slipstream. One minute you have “We’re safe!” the very next all hell breaks loose. Boooyaw. I can’t remember the third movie.

Saturday night/Sunday morning I tried to hoark up a lung!

Sunday was Badmovie’s game in which everyone showed up who had missed the great “Let’s get mind controlled and beat on TheMan’s character!” session. Badmovie did catch up, I dinked with my counted cross stitch project. Oh yeah, guess what I found downstairs! Whooo! Six year old (more or less) not yet finished counted cross stitch project (and accompanying hoopie thingit and needle)! OooOooOoo! And WHY did I find this project? Because I organized my craftsy crap and Smithee Sock puppet making material. Whoooo! Yes, I went shopping (Saturday? Sure!) and picked up a tackle box which I immediately converted to a craftsy crap box and now everything but the material (which is going in a different box but they were out of the ones I wanted) is all together and organized. Go me!

Monday I called in dead and slept. Oh yeah, I first took meds then called in and slept. Then I took more meds, iChatted with TheMan and tried to sleep some more but my brain was all zoomy. I did wind up crashing about 6:00 when TheMan came home and woke up at 8:30 when he came in with cheesy egg pie. Mmmmm, pie! It was goooo-oood too. I had leftovers for lunch today, still goooo-oooood. My man can cook!

Today I called in dead again and slept again but got up at 2ish and started dinking around. I did some dishes (yeah, the Horde reappeared. Damn Horde!) and pulled out the cross stitch again. Feh, I just realized that I was the epitome of boring today. I will say that I discovered that bed sheet boiled with instant tea and coffee smells a lot like Worcheshire sauce when you bake it in the oven to dry. I’m just sayin.

Mmmm, teriyaki mummy.

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