Garden Vacation Day?

I told my boss last week that if there was a nice day coming up, I’d like to take a quick vacation day and buckle down with gardening.

My tomato rig needs to be finished which involves polyurethaning the feet, buying boards to make a box around the feet, cutting boards, polying boards, assembling boards, righting the rig (It’s on its side right now so I can poly at least two legs) and lastly filling the frame with dirt and transporting my square foot garden contents to under the tomato rig. Oh, and putting the ‘maters in the buckets and hanging those. I had wanted to get this done by Saturday when we have a rototiller rented so sometime this week was the goal.

As it turns out, TheMan and I had a doctor consult meeting at 8:45 on Wednesday and badmovie and LunarGeography couldn’t be in for the delivery of the CSA meat in the noon to 3 window. So I decided to take Wednesday off and started making a list:

Dr. appointment, shopping at Meijers, shopping at Home Depot, Work on pepper garden, poly tomato rig feet, put marigolds in, hang at badmovie and LG’s place to get the meat order (poly LG’s square foot garden, do some reading), Nap (this was a maybe item but I thought I had too much stuff to do. One can hope though), photograph some JSFs, cook a chicken, Set up Isaak Memorial Bukket, plant the leftover flowers in bucket, put up hummingbird feeders, put out chimes, go to Wednesday game.

Obviously this was way too much to do so I prioritized: Appointment, shopping, Meatsitting (poly/read), photo JSFs, poly rig feet, work on pepper garden while cooking chicken, game. That seemed doable.

The appointment ran late (out by 10am and we were the second people on his list. OI!), so I scratched the Meijer’s shopping and just got garden stuff for after meatwatch. I did not find a heavy duty shepherd’s hook for my two ton hanging basket so the feeders didn’t get hung. I also didn’t get a bucket (Meijer’s) so that didn’t get done either but I got dirt at HD to fill it when I get it. I did get some shrimpy shepherd’s hooks for the two porch lights though. I have no idea why they give you these spindly little hook things for lights that heavy. You have to put their hooks in just so or they will fall right the hell right over.

I got home too late from shopping to do anything on my list so I packed up LG’s square foot garden lumber and some saw horses and proceeded to drive over to wait for the egg man. I set up the wood and got more or less one layer of polyurethane on them. They had to dry for 4 hours so I let them be and got out my book and read. I read in the shade on the side porch until it got too cold, then in the sun on the front porch until it got too hot and then back to the side porch etc. and so on. I read and read and read and then I thought “I’ve been reading for a while, I wonder what time it is?” 3:30. Hmmm.

I decided to do a little weeding in LG’s garden since the egg man wasn’t there yet and my own gardening time was fast waning. I managed to get out most of the transplant grass in the rose garden (because LG has some fanCAY flowers and things planted that I don’t recognize in the other gardens and I’d hate to weed her Dahlias or flubbery plants. I have no idea what a flubbery plant is but she probably has one) and I rearranged some of the ground cover to fill bald spots and to give the roses a bit of breather room. 4:30 still no egg guy.

I read some more and got caught up to where I should be if I want to get the book done on time before it goes back and pretty much enjoyed being outside. It was an awesome early summer day with no clouds, a light breeze, warm sun and pleasantness all around. Really, I could not have asked for a more perfect day to hang out and read with a light smattering of garden work. But. I hadn’t planned on hanging until 5:30 for the egg man (who didn’t show on my watch) because I had things of my own I wanted to accomplish. I wish I hadn’t taken a day specifically to do garden work on a day the egg man was egregiously behind on his route because yesterday would have been an awesome relaxing day of puttering around and enjoying the outdoors.

So I have a crank at not being able to get to most of my list but on the other hand, what a day to spend outside doing a whole lot of nothing.

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