You Ought to Sit Down for this one…

I am wearing pants from a pile of pants of a dubious nature. I think they were destined for the closet for storage but for what reason is now lost in time. Are they a pile of “These pants are too tight but might be wearable if I’d stop eating entirely” pants or are they “Something is wrong with these pants such that they are no longer acceptable for work but I can still wear them for grunge pants” pants? These particular ones fit rather nicely and I don’t think they have any holes…at least not in the usual places. I am perplexed.

This weekend I…wait a minute, are you sitting down? Yes? OK because I played maybe 5 minutes of Warcraft all weekend and that wasn’t even 5 minutes in a row. I know, krazy! I guess Friday I just didn’t feel playing (and I forgot to log on in the morning and do my daily alchemy thing) and then I just quick logged in to do alchemy Saturday and Sunday. That’s it, log in, click a button, log out.

What I did do, besides a whole lot of nothing Friday evening since I was SICK with a head cold, was have a quiet evening with my Jacques Cousteau book and a beer. I got about 20 pages from the end, decided to have a nap and/or go to sleep (since my beer was gone at the time) and maybe read some more if I woke up later. If I didn’t wake up until the morning that would be OK too; I’d pick it back up then. Or not. I was in a Zen book mood I suppose.

Saturday was GARDENUNG day which sucked because I had a head cold and it was raining. I went anyway since my garden has compost and needs to be done-to before we leave on vacation but man I was all wore out afterwards. Plum tuckered! I spent the morning rototilling and helping StalkerPatti chop out a potato garden, went home and polyurethaned the tomato rig’s feet (coat 2!) and then washed up for a trip to the Corner Brewery. While there, I finished Jacques and started in on my first 2010 Hugo novel nominee. I have decided to read all 6 nominated books this year as if I were actually voting (i.e. starting and finishing them by the end of July and then picking a ‘winner’) so stay tuned for book discussion. I might (MIGHT!) also read the novellas since I’ve already tackled one (Shambling towards Hiroshima) and I have my hands on another by way of loan from badmovie. I’m not committing to the novellas yet though but for the novels I’m going to try my best.

Sunday I got up at 8am (Oh, were you still sitting down? Sorry that, I forgot to mention that this entry will be full of rarities for the usual booniverse weekend posting), polyed the rig feet (coat 3!) and then attacked the last bit of garden behind the house. By 11:20 I had it weeded, leveled, bordered, mulched and planted with my pepper plants. In other words, I finished the last remaining bit of garden in my 4 year conquest to wrest the house gardens into something better than they were. (OK, I need another half border piece and a half barrel planter to truly finish it off but I haven’t found anyone who carries the buckets I like and what’s a half border compared to 4 years? Finished, that’s what!). Then it was shower time and off we went to pick up the fixings for the bottom of the tomato rig.

We might have also stopped by Coleman’s for more pepper plants (what? I had empty space and no jalapenos) and some plants for the veggy garden. Since we were in the area, we zoomed by the badgardens to kidnap the saw horses and LunarGeography’s raised garden bed frame pieces and some leaf mulch. We zoomed home and TheMan cut my tomato rig support garden pieces while I stabilized the larger end pieces. This peppered me with sawdust so I hopped into the shower for a rinse off. Later, I got up to do the last poly sweep of all the tomato rig garden pieces plus LG’s pieces and then, since I was on a roll, I planted and mulched all my plants. I think I may still plant cucumbers and sugar beets but the garden has pretty much all I planed on putting in it. I might also have some sweet peppers loafing about somewhere, I’ll have to check on that.

Then it was in for my third shower of the day (my towel hates me) and a bit of an evening lie-down with Sookie book whatever I am on and a beer. I am as current with my gardening as I can get…HUZzAH!

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