Construction Junction

It’s been a while since I picto-posted the construction going on at the U.

I was wondering what they were going to do with all the cinder block that was exposed when they dug down a story. Then sometime back they started carting in palates of stone. I thought at the time they were saving the stone they were taking off from the elevator project but when I looked out I discovered it was new stone being put over the ugly cinder block. Swank!

I suck at construction documentary. Last time I took a pic of the building across the way it was a pit with some bracings. Now there is a whole steelwork thing with discrete floors and whatnot.

I think this is also new to the picto construction updates: Sky Bridge!

They had the door from the building open so I sneeked a shot down the length of the bridge. It’s still pretty open to the air so only construction guys are allowed past the door. I get my shots where I can.

Here’s a corner of the sky bridge and a bit of the busywork below. You can see them starting to clad one of the ugly cinder block out juttings in pretty stone.

This is construction project…three? Anyway, they have stripped the ugly aluminum siding from the stacks which apparently involves stripping off one end of the building. Those are very open air offices at the moment (the pic is blurry because it was raining or I was shooting through warbled glass).

Here’s a better shot (I went walkabout!) of what’s going on. The left side of the building has been stripped of the ugly while the right side awaits beautification. Supposedly the stairwells are also open to the air; I will have to check them out!

Here’s where the construction peeps go at night. Or something. They are parked right over where I work but since they are out all day I am not bothered by any noise. I don’t think they would hear me anyway if I pounded on the ceiling as there is about 10 feet of dirt between us. Hmmm, maybe they are really loud but it doesn’t travel through the dirt well.

2009: We wrocked the plantage so awesomely that we decided that we deserved some ice cream, which we totally did. Then I went home and fell over dead again.

2008: This bodes well for my Darwinian gardening technique because if they can survive that long chillin in their tiny pots on a cement apron then perhaps they will do fantastically once I actually get them into the ground.

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