Oh-ee-oh, Oooooh, My Nose

I made it to work today and even in fine (yet drugged – Mmmmm Robitussin) spirits for maybe the first fifteen minutes of work. OK, not really…I was good for about three maybe four hours before things started to go tweeee. I had a feeling that being at work for a full day, versus lounging around in bed all yesterday, was going to be a teeth gritting experience and lo! It was one long 9 hour day (lunch hour). The Plague is morphing into a nice head cold complete with lots of goo and the occasional head splitting, furniture moving sneeze. You gotta respect a body that shifts gears from trying to expel a lung via violent coughing to trying to expel a lung by ninja sneezing. Do you know how deadly 90 mile per hour bits of lung can be?

**Wachooooo! **
Fsssssssssssst BLORT.
Bulls eye.

I got great abs going though. Between the coughing and the sneezing I’m going to be ripped by the end of the week.


Last night I made some soup, which really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense considering I’m the carrier of Eeeevil in the Q house but that’s what went down. I did make TheMan cook the chicken but only because he’s good with chicken and I’m lazy, not out of any hygienic necessity. Mmmm, Plague Soup. OK, I was actually very clean about it and did all my sneezing away from the food and into an appropriate sneeze receptacle (yeah, the other arm of my sweatshirt. Like you don’t use the arms of your sweatshirt when you are carrying a pan of hot soup around? Chyuah, right. Liar) and did the multiple hand washing gig yadda yadda hygiene cakes. The soup came out very stew like (too much tasty rice) and a little under salted. Meh. Still, wasn’t too bad.

We also watched an interesting episode of Law and Order (something or other. Can’t recall if it was the original or one of the off shoots) dealing with a transexual. I was a little grumpy that they had an actress playing the role of the trans and not a very effeminate actor but I think that was because they were going for the whole shocker disclosure thing. Can I just say “Duhhh?” of COURSE we aren’t going to guess that she is a he because you have a SHE PLAYING THE PART!!! I felt a little cheated. The actress Katherine Moenning isn’t even remotely masculine looking either so GRRRR to the people casting or producing or whatever. Hrrrmph. Hey, you whatever dudes: The Crying Game. Watch it and get back to me on the whole trans thing MmmmKay?


That was just a small grumble of mine. The really interesting bit came when they convicted the trans for murder and had to send her to jail. In all aspects, the character was female except for the whole still having male genitalia (she hadn’t yet had the operation to make her female). Thus, no female prison for her. However, on all other accounts she was female so an all male prison didn’t make much sense either. In the end they had to send her to Rikers because, technically, she was male. Ouch. Sure enough, the very last scene is of the character being wheeled into the emergency room beaten to a pulp having been gang raped at Rikers. Surprise, surprise. It did make me think though, where do you put people who are transgendered and have committed a jailable offence?

Now on to more frivolous things: Games! I think I mentioned yesterday that I went shopping this weekend and while I did not purchase a whole pack of things that I could have (re: I went shopping hungry) I did come home with a hand held game of Battleship! and Hangman. I’ve been playing Battleship obsessively since then and it’s bunches of fun. Even if the computer cheats. I’d rate it right up there with hand held Yahtzee.

In parting I leave you with mummy soup. Mmmmm.

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