Memorial Day Picto-post

Here’s a pic of my new hummingbird feeder which has gone completely ignored since I hung it last weekend. Not even ants or bees have given it a second glance. Sigh. It’s really pretty though.

I don’t think I posted a pic of my finished garden so here you go. My house has wrap around gardens HOORAY! You can see my forrest of pepper sticks marching down the garden there…I have something on the order of 24 hot peppers planted. Then when talking to LunarGeography, she let me know that there are 4 more peppers over at her place. I will have a lot of peppers if they all survive.

Still haven’t gotten the last border piece to completely finish off the garden and I am having trouble finding a half barrel planter locally. For some reason they are out of style and gosh darn it, I do not like the looks of the other planters I’ve seen. The Isaak Memorial Bucket will be a half barrel if I have to mail order it. Which I just might. Meanwhile a stack of mulch is keeping the bucket spot warm.

I did a lot of gardening Memorial Day, up until the sky opened up and doused me with rain. I should have taken a before and after shot but I cleared the feral grass from the coneflower/sunflower garden (or garden parcel, the side garden has some identity issues). I also planted the giant sunflowers but by the time I finished the rain was getting festive so the short sunflower planting was rescheduled for another dryer time. I’ll need to remulch the side garden and then it’s all set for the year (give or take a weeding here or there).

This is sort of how the coneflower part of the garden looked before I tackled it. These are the free irises I snagged from my coworker last year. They didn’t flower (whereas LG’s did) but they are darned healthy looking. My next gardening day will involve tackling the irises.

We may have taken a trip to Coleman’s and I may have gotten even more plants. What? These are herbs to go under the tomato rig.

Speaking of which…TADA! All 10 tomatoes planted and “mulched” (I cut out circles of paper bag to put over the tops in hopes that it will prevent weeds form growing out of the tops of my tomato buckets. We shall see). I am growing…

TOMATOES! This is mostly for my reference later when I’m all “What did I plant?” but in case you were curious, there are 5 small tomatoes (2 sungold, 1 chocolate cherry, 1 grape, 1 cherry) and 5 big tomatoes (Beefmaster, 2 white, German Johnson, 1 Mortgage Lifter-I remembered it wrong in the diagram).

Angry, angry tomatoes! Tomatoes do not like growing upsidown. Not one bit. 24 hours after I bucket them they are trying to grow as nature intended them and by gum they will grow upright if it’s the last thing they do. Nyraaaaaghhhhhh!

My second, or wait, I might be on third. Yeah, I am. My third accomplishment was putting in my food garden. I have pie pumpkins, zucchinis, and spaghetti squash in 4 pumpkin mounds (and I really hope I do not grow Spapumchinis as a result). There are also 4 sweet peppers hanging out in there somewhere and the big square fence looking deelie is where my cucumbers are. Behind the cucumbers is 4 rows of beets; 2 seedlings and 2 I planted as seeds. I’m staggering my beets because…I have no idea why. I just am. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Anyhow, as I was mulching, planting, weeding and such the sky was getting darker and darker. Pretty soon there was scattered thunder peals and lightning off in the distance. I felt very Raiders of the Lost Ark but more planty and less face melty.

The last thing I did before the sky opened up was quick stuff in the giant sunflower seeds and then I ran inside half soaked (we had dragged in all the gardening stuff just before I did my mad dash seed planting). Ergo, the marigolds are still in their flats at the head of the runner gardens and not in the ground like I had hoped. Poor fellas. They will be very high on my ‘next gardening stint projects’ list. Or dead. One or the other.

I may have all my house gardens finished but that does not mean there are no more gardening projects. Say hello to my next project: Finding the fence. Somewhere back in there is the chain link fence and we would really like there to only be fence in that location. Pretty much everything you see here that is green needs to go. Even the tree, which we’ll keep, needs to be trimmed back pretty fiercely.

This is also a pending project. In there somewhere is the remnants of my old square foot garden. I’ll have to weed it down, chuck the dirt in the tomato rig garden box and then pull up the rotting old garden border and reseed the area with grass. Fun fun!

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    fuck fuck testing fuckity fuck fuck fuck

  2. TeacherPatti Says:

    Oh hey! I can post again on your blog! I knew if I said fuck enough, it would go through 🙂

  3. Mumses Says:

    The gardens look great. Do you want to make my gardens look as good as yours? Never mind, I know the answer. You get mega gold stars. NICE JOB!

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