The Aforethreatened Tuesday Pictoblog!

Sadly, today’s blog is brought to you by the letter CAT and the number CRAFTY. I have a ton of pics, they are just all of the cats or my fun new craftsy crap and really, both are kind of boring. However, usually I don’t even post on a Tuesday so feel free to treat today like any other booless Tuesday if cats and crap aren’t your thing.


I just want to say that this is the strangest reversal of roles for these two. Take a look at Isaak, he’s almost happy. Or at least as happy as a Siamese is allowed to contractually get. Is that a look of…friendliness I see on that cat? Conversely, Vande would so totally be giving you the middle finger if she were polydactyl. Maybe she just doesn’t care or can’t do fractions and is secretly giving you the middle fingers.

Tada! Behold! The Shiny! The Yellow! The $20 model (as the only $12 one in the store was mysteriously missing its handle). Notice the yellow! The New! The compartments!

Sorry about that. Now look. See all the fun compartments? This is the new organizer for my craftsy stuff and the Smithee Sock Puppet material. So far, the sock puppet material is winning. I think 4 compartments are devoted to non puppet stuff. Yeah, but look at the shiny! Tasty, tasty jingle bells! And in all sorts of fun colors, plus look (heh) at the eyes! Millions of sizes and some even glow in the dark. Heh, it’s the eyes of March!

OK, moving on to cat pictures then. I just want to go on record as stating that I did not buy the stupid cat bed as decoration. This is not a cat bed throw. Nay! The purpose of a cat bed is for cats to sleep in. Hence the whole name “cat bed”, but try explaining that to the weirdoes. Oh no, they would rather sleep beside their fancy cat bed on plain old blankets than snuggle in the lovely, wooly, wonderful cat bed that I BOUGHT SPECIFICALLY SO THAT THEY WOULDN’T SLEEP ON OR IN MY BLANKETS! Why can’t they get cat hair on their own bed hmmm? Bah!

Isaak: What?

Isaak: WHAT?

Isaak: Gah! Flash! Watch the flash! Stupid hairless ape.

Isaak: That’s it, I’m outta here.
Vande: Huh? What? What did I miss?

And you were waiting for it: Craftsy crap and cats! This is my new craft bag which replaces the plastic Meijers grocery bag (or whatever store happens to be handy) I have been using. $4 at JoAnn’s too, score (although the plastic shopping bags are cheaper, they are less classy and cat proof. The cats like to eat the plastic bags for some reason, I think they like they way they crinkle). Here Vande is giving it the sleep test. It seems to be passing so far, but then again I do have a picture of her sleeping with a box perched on top of her so she may not be the connoisseur of “things to cuddle with while napping”.

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