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Hello hello! Wow, it was a wet and wild weekend and not in that fun good kinky way either.

Friday night was ‘Girl’s Night Out’ which I was a little trepidatious about going to since I had a super bad cold the first one and Isaak died on the second one. I went anyway (and nothing untoward happened) and had a good time. We had a TON of food and I met people that I formerly only knew from conversation. Awesome.

Saturday we had not much planned at all and were going to loaf the whole day on into the night. We didn’t even crack out Warcraft we were that lazy. I finished off The City & The City; book two of the Crazy Hugo Project and that was my big accomplishment. We didn’t even want to make dinner so I sacrificed complete lazy and took a shower so we could go to the Brew Pub. We did, we took books and we hung out and read for about 3 delightful hours. They had a really good live band that was doing fun covers that night as well so that was pretty rad. It also rained like a crazy thing later in the evening, right about the time we were going home. Of course it did! We got so soaked too just running to the car (which was parked right outside). OI!

Sunday we wandered over to mumses’s hose for brunch. Mmmm Strada (sort of a savory bread pudding). We also had sausages and coffee. They have the best coffee. Then it was home for more lazing interspersed with bake-o-rama. The new librarian started today and I said I’d bake something so I did. I also baked up some chocolate chip-butterscotch-toffee chip cookies for my coworker’s daughter who is having a Very Bad Time (and also so we could eat some cookies, I only sent off a dozen to my coworker’s kid). Then it was game time and we ate cookies.

2009: No post for today.

2008: JSFR: Zest-o Calamansi Soda

2008: I’m counting it as part of a loosely defined exercise program where I tell myself that I should really do something active like three times a week and if it’s not gardening, then it would be Norditrak time. You won’t believe how fast I suited up in my garden grubbies.

2006: I was up at oh-dark-hundred making cornbread today…no updating!

2005: You are making me cranky(er) and TheMan suffers from it. He’s a nice boy, he deserves your pity and compassion (and his wife really, really wants you to cut that the fuck out already).

2004: So there was much fun too among all the responsible stuff. I love weekends like that.

2003: Too much baking and not enough updating.

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  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    Did you know there was a tornado warning when we were at the CB that Saturday night? I had no clue until I got home and Jeff asked if we took cover. That would not have been the place to be if a tornado hit!

  2. Boo Says:

    I actually asked when we came in the next day how they handled weather alerts! I guess they just don’t have a good tornado spot. Good beer, bad weather cover.

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