Singing the St. Patty’s Day Greens

Not sure what genera of music that would be, probably something up beat and snazzy…like a jig or a reel. Anyway, I’ve arbitrarily decided that today everyone should be singing the greens. It’s a lot better than drinking green beer and doesn’t surprise you nearly as much when you hit the john later on.

Some people are starting the day off early; we saw a couple of bars with big tents open for business on the drive in to work. As of 7am this morning, you could get nickel beers at the Wooden Nickel, although for that price I’d lay down money that the beer is watered. And bad. You are not going to be serving (green) Killians at that price and stay in business and if you are putting green food coloring in Killian I’m going to have to personally come over there and smack you.

And who starts drinking at 7 in the morning? Green beer even. Glah.

We went out to eat for a celebratory dinner thing with Dirge and Shar last night. We thought we might check out this “Grotto Club” deelie but alas, It was a member’s only club. We got bounced! Hee! We wound up at the stand by decent Chinese buffet restaurant and gabbed for…uhhh…well they didn’t close on us, let’s just put it that way. We weren’t taking up valuable paying customer space either as that place is never full (I think there were three other parties of people and twenty empty tables) but it has really good food. I haven’t yet figured that out but I don’t mind. No waiting, great food? Sign me up!

Afterwards TheMan and I went to the Little Professor Book Store down the way to look for a book for him. He is reading the Vampire series by…err…P.N. Elrond? and there is another out he doesn’t have. Neither did Little Professor’s but they did have The. Cutest. Magnetic footed. Frog. Ever! I had to have this frog! He was soft and squishy and he stuck to things! Plus, he was vibrant red with bouncy royal blue legs AND HE STUCK TO THINGS! Metal things really BUT he had feet that would not let go. There were some strong magnets in that fella.

However, one does not go to a book store to buy a stuffed magnetic fuzzy blue and red exTREMEly cute frog so we got a book too. Heh. And then we were thrown out because they did close on us. Whoops. Ah well. I got a FROG!

Work goes, I wish it went faster. Of course I have been a day ahead of myself all week so to me, today is Friday (huzzah!) yet in reality I’m going to have to wake up again at work time tomorrow and come in to work tomorrow which is totally unfair. Tomorrow is Saturday, ask my internal clock. Ugh, I hate weeks like that. On the plus side, my boss is out of town. Whooo.

OK, I’m outta time and outta stuff. Have a great (and please, dear god, pass on the green beer) St. Patty’s day. See you on the flip side Saturday tomorrow. Uuuuuugh.

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