YARRRR! Two Weeks Until Origins!

Last year’s tomatoes say “Hi”.

I was flubbering around the Origins site when I noticed the little countdown timer at the bottom of the page. It said 15 days and counting. 15 days? I’M NOT READY!!!! I have a millionty buttons to press, ballot packs to assemble, a Blob Monster to eyeball (I’m waiting for the pink eyes to come in from Dick Blick arts supply) and general “getting my shit together”. Is it time to start running around like a headless chicken yet?

Actually, the button press has been occupying the coffee table for…well since Ann Arbor really. I have been doing some buttons here and there but I need to get TheMan to make up black and white versions of the buttons and then I have to punch them. I’m planning on leaving the punch at home, which means I have 2 weeks to get everything all punched out. Am I running out of time? Mmmmaybe.

Speaking of ‘maters, I think I’m definitely going to have to move the tomato rig. I had thought it would get some sun but I was mistaken and it’s sitting in the shade the whole day. Back before the neighbor’s stupid tree grew a millionty feet there was some sun along the rig strip but now not so much. I should have scouted this out before placing the rig, but alas. When I build a time machine I’ll go back and tell myself to put the rig over by the other garden where the sun is. As for my other plants, they are doing FABULOUS! Well, save the hot peppers and my poor hanging flowers. They needed more water than I gave them, apparently. I now have a basket of extra crispy petunias.

Working out! I’m still doing it (21 more days! WOOT!). I’m still trying to decide what I’m going to do come July because I do not want to keep up the every day exercise thing. On the other hand, I can see very easily slacking off and doing no working out. You would think a whole year would get me into some sort of routine. The best it’s done so far is to give me a sense of quasi enjoyment when I norditrack and read. Sorta. What I may do is exercise every day but if I forget a day, oh well. I have 21 days to come up with a plan.

I have more Hugo Nominees to read, HUZZAH! My crazy Hugo thing goes well; save that the current book I’m reading is…kinda…well not boring but I don’t care about what’s happening. I’ll tell you all about it Sunday. I haven’t decided which book I’ll read next but I’m doing pretty good chewing through the novels.

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