Bus 3004

OK, yeah I know it’s oh dark hundred but I’m still up and I thought I’d share this little bit of cosmic Karma with y’all.

Today’s plan was to raid fabrics for the table decorations, which we did but it involved first getting on the commuter bus to get to the car. DQ doesn’t have the all expense paid parking pass that will let you park at 9 lots out of 10 (and which costs half your salary) so she parks a good 10 minute bus ride away at the commuter lot and buses it in. Since I was going home with her via JoAnn’s I too was going to go on a bus ride. Wheee!

So we are waiting for the bus and I remark that it would be pretty funny if Bus Dude Dave was the driver of the next commuter bus. Having a U bus-riding rate of once every 2 or 3 years, it would indeed be weird to see the same driver two days in a row so I was looking forward to finding out if indeed a cosmic coincidence was going to happen. You know, sometimes these things line up like this and the two days out of maybe 3 or so years that you have to deal with a bus you get the same driver. We could exchange howdys and reminisce about that morning long ago yesterday when we met suddenly. Most of the time you might think to yourself “Nah, that’s pretty stupid and what are the chances?” but inside there is a small voice that says “Cool! It could happen!” At least I have a small voice that says that. Not that I hear voices. Anyway, the bus does eventually pull up but no Bus Dude Dave at the helm. Instead I give the numbers a glance and to my surprise, it’s bus 3004. It’s the same bus! Dented fender and all!

I did that! I was so geeked I started pointing to the fender and saying “I was the one who did that! This is the same bus that hit me yesterday! How keen is that?” People thought I was crazy. Hee. I wish I had a camera soas I could take a pic to show what the mighty bug did but alas, you will just have to use your imagination. RAAAAHH! Warrior bug!

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