Lazy Promotions Work

I got some work done this weekend on my Smithee Stuff but until it’s all done I will be worrying at it.

Friday we thought about going to see the new A-Team (Liam Neeson? YES PLEASE!) or the new Karate Kid but ultimately we felt antisocial so we did neither. I think I took a nap, possibly read more of Palimpsest but also possibly not. It wasn’t my favorite book so there wasn’t a great need to jump into it (other than to have it done with). I did finish it sometime before Sunday so I’ll go ahead and say I did this thing Friday. Sadly, it wasn’t that memorable. Oh hey wait, I did read the rest of Pampelmousse on Friday because that was also the day I spent quite a lot of time scritching Little Kitty…who likes to come flop down for pettins when I’m reading. Hooray for Little Kitty saving my memory!

Saturday we lazed about until noonish doing a lot of nothing. TheMan got the ladders out and cleaned out most of the gutters (huzzah!) and then it rained. Or maybe it just got so humid that droplets formed because it didn’t rain all that much but yikes was it sultry. After guttering, we washed up and hung out in the AC for a bit. Then it was off to Rob’s house to bid Joel Adieu. He got a job on the West Coast and will be departing sometime next week. Sadness (well, happiness that he has a job, just sadness that it’s so far away).

Sunday we went out and about here and there, then went to the brewpub. I had a lot of electronic stuff to catch up on so I dragged my computer along for the ride. I had three or four booniverse posts to post, a Smithee LJ post as well as a Main site blurb to post, and I had thought I had to do a JSFR as well. Fortunately, when I brought up the JSFR I discovered I had already posted a post! Awesome! Except I wonder why it didn’t show up when I looked for it. Whatever, I am caught up at the snack review (yeah I know. spooky). We came, we saw, we drank and I tidied up my e-space.

Unfortunately, there was still Smithee prep so I cancelled out on badmovie’s game and stayed home to press buttons. I also napped and did laundry so I feel accomplished if somewhat sad for having missed the potential lightning monkeys. Tonight we stuff ballot packs and Wednesday I should have some time to punch Buttons in the Breezeway blanks. I aim to get everything done by this weekend (or possibly on this weekend if I can’t get to gluing eyes on the Blob Friday) and then it’ll be sit and wait. I’m so squee about Origins now ima gonna pop before we even leave the state.

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