Our Spring Is Sprung

Or a lesson to all you kiddies: No, really, don’t jump on the bed.

The boo, she likes to occasionally (re: pretty often actually) fling herself onto her bed from more than the acceptable foot length away. She even likes to sometimes (sometimes! [re: when it greatly amuses her to startle the beegeebus outta the cats]) get up a good head of steam and perhaps land a tad forcefully upon the bed from more than the acceptable foot length away. The boo, she remembers her momma saying not to jump on the bed, which also included taking a flying leap from a monster safe distance and landing on the bed, when the boo was just an itty bitty boolet. The boo, she doesn’t much heed her momma’s sound advice from when the boo was a boolet now that she’s all growed up and married. Consequently, the boo needs a new bed.

I’m not saying it was any of the above that causes TheMan and I to now contemplate getting a new mattress and box springs…although come to think on it, the last time I may or may not have taken a flying leap onto the bed the box springs made a most distressing cracking and definitely breaking noise. So yeah. Maybe that one was my fault, if in fact it was me that made that flying leap onto the bed from a most inappropriate distance. Theoretically. Right. So, I’m not saying that any of the above is a direct cause to us having to get a new mattress but it does look like the Q house will be shopping for new sleeping digs. I stand by the fact that the mattress is 13 years old and therefore has given up the mattress ghost, theoretic kamikaze landings aside.

I decided this morning, when I realized that I was not in fact sleeping on a bunched up bottom sheet but rather the mattress has formed these hard lines of…errr…mattress bone, that our hunt for a new bed needs to come up a notch or two on the list of Things We Need To Get Rolling On. I know the mattress has suffered a bit from all the theoretical not so soft bed landings over the years and I think there was even a popped spring in it somewhere but I thought it was at least in pretty decent shape. Not so much apparently, unless mattresses can grow mattress bones overnight. So that just leaves us with sore bodies and a couple choices: Futon mattress, conventional mattress or super high tech memory foam deelie of doom.

I hate shopping for beds. I did it in ’92, do I have to do it again? WAH! So far, I’m leaning more toward futon mattress even though we would have to build a platform for it to go on. Hey, I have a head and foot board that match the dresser and nightstand…aint no way those are going to be put into storage, I paid good money to be matchy. A platform would take care of the squeaky bed issues too (the bed which squeaks even when the cats walk on it you pervs, not just that kind of squeaky. It is one squeaky bed frame. Probably from all that theoretical jumping one may or may not have been doing on the bed) and I think we could build one and get a futon mattress cheaper than a good conventional mattress and box spring set. Plus, futon mattress is much more portable, just in case we have to port it somewhere other than home from the store. And also, do they make good non pillow top mattresses anymore? We don’t have any bed sheets that would fit a pillow top mattress and I do not want to buy a whole new shelf of sheets. OK, I really do and THAT is the problem. Hi, I’m boo and I have a bed sheet buying problem.

Still, I liked the old mattress, it was comfy (up until recently), I do not look forward to trying out new bedware and wondering if it’s as comfy having slept on it as it was having just plopped down on it in the store. Gnrrrrr.

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