The first layer is in!

LunarGeography and I went strawberry picking Sunday because Origins is next weekend and strawberries would probably be gone by the weekend afterwards. Thus I spent a good deal of Sunday morning butt up in the strawberry field picking and picking and picking. I have decided I do not like strawberry picking. In my opinion it should be much easier than bend over, look and look and look and maybe find an OK berry, straighten up, move a couple feet down and start the process all over again. I want all my strawberries to be right in reach or at least a good handfull of them every few feet.

Maybe that’s what grocery stores are about. Hmmm.

Anyway, the whole point of going picking is that TheMan and I are making Rumtopf this year and strawberries are the first layer. I’m not sure what’s next…raspberries? but whenever the next fruit comes in LG and I will go picking and I’ll add another layer of fruit, sugar and rum until all the fruits are done. Then the Rumtopf sits for a couple months getting tastier until we crack it out at Christmas or New Year. I am pretty excited! I’m also way not packed for Origins but I have 12 pounds of strawberries of which more than half of them are soaking in rum and sugar.

Oh! Speaking of Origins I at least have all my prep done for the show, save putting eyes on the last Bob Blob. I have the eyes though and was going to go over to DQ’s on Sunday to glue them on but after 3ish hours of strawberry picking I went home and napped. Then I forgot about the eyes until this morning. Whoops. Fortunately, DQ said she will take the eyes and glue them on for me since I haven’t yet packed anything and haven’t done the laundry for packing or the food shopping or cookie baking and AAAAAARRRRGH!!!

Not panicking.

Part of the reason I’m a little bit behind (AHHHH!) is…well I’m lazy and didn’t get around to doing laundry but it’s also hot and muggy and I don’t want to bake cookies in the sultry yuck. I’m not sure when I’m going to get to making cookies since the weather looks like it’s going to be hot and disgusting forEVER and I’ve only got 1.5 days left until we’re off. Hmmm. Ahh well, I’ll figure it out tomorrow.

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2 Responses to “Rumtopf!”

  1. TeacherPatti Says:

    I’m inclined to agree re: strawberry picking. I always seem to forget what a pain in the butt it is until I’m actually there. I get crabby and tired BUT I got like 9 pounds for $12 (compare to Produce Station, which has 2 pts for $4.50), so….

    I promise that blueberry picking is much better. Raspberry picking isn’t bad, but you get pricked by the bushes.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I forgot about rumtopf! I’m glad you didn’t. I’m looking forward to it already.

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