The Tuesday Before

I passed a church’s banner on the way to lunch that happily proclaimed all the festivities that would be going on this week. There are a lot of high holy days in the Christian church all coming up in a row cumulating with Easter. Which is this Sunday. Guh! How did that happen? Where did the time go? Yikes!

But I’m not going to talk about Easter because I’m in denial. Ain’t here yet! (Although I will pick up my Paas dyes and some eggs so I’m good and ready when I come out of my denial.) My gosh, wasn’t it just the first week in January? So Easter is right around the corner (noooooooo!) and then there is a furious lull until the Smithee show. The boys are going back and forth about clip deadlines and show finalization deadlines and editing schedules and whatnot while I’m just along for the ride. Sure I have Smithee sock puppets to make and of course I’ve done very little other than dye and shred a sheet but there is plenty of time. Heck, Easter isn’t even here yet.

So yeah. Must needs get on the stick with the puppets and the buttons and the flyers.

Lets see, what’s been going on at the Q house? Oooo! Lots of Law & Order (because Law & Order is on all the time), some eating out and some visitating. Oh yeah, and basic lying about on our tuckuses because that’s what we do best. I think TheMan may have a light version of The Sick (which I still have, BTW. Now I know what a V&V character feels like when they get pummeled to bits and have to regain their hit points one small hit point per day. I tell you, this cold has taken me down to zero and every day I inch closer to my full happy healthy self, one small fragment of healthy at a time. I also tell you I am darned sick of…well being sick. BAH!) and I’m still getting over The Sick so we lay pretty darned low all weekend. You know, when they play all that Law & Order on TV. Bump-bump!

We got out a bit on Saturday to go visiting TheRCK and Mssr. Gonkweasel (because I screwed up gaming weekends but hey, they seemed as up to having a visit as we were for visiting). Baby D was way out of sorts due to teething and a slight fever so we got to see her cranky side. That Baby D sure can get a good crank going. She even managed to shriek at a frequency that made my ear drums wubble. Poor Baby D. TheMan and Mssr. Gonkweasel played DiabloII while I hung about and chatted with TheRCK. I also gave TheRCK a back rub since she had managed to anger her back somehow and I give a decent rub.

Sunday, which was the V&V game, started out poorly with both TheMan and I sleeping in way too late. We rushed around like headless chickens getting ready and then made a quick stop off at Wendy’s for food. Oh and Tim Bits because this particular Wendy’s was also a Tim Hortons. TheMan didn’t particularly want to get Tim Bits but I told him it was imperative that I have Tim Bits and if he did not come back with Tim Bits I would explode and take the entire universe with me. Hey, it had been a while since I had Tim Bits. Plus, I was sick (still) and darned cranky about it. Tim Bits (and the sharing of Tim Bits, for there is no greater happiness than Tim Bits for everyone) are a wonderful comfort food. Mmmm, Tim Bits. We got to the game, the game went (and I got a lot more done on my super secret project for Japan), we went home. It was an exciting day.

Our other excitement, which wasn’t as exciting as I thought it might be, was taking Isaak to the vet yesterday. The “I” does NOT like the vets. Last time he was there he tried to bite me twice and we had to flat him down onto the table to get him still enough to get a shot in him. The time before he wouldn’t let anyone retrieve him from the cage so they had to have me come down and get him. At which point he tried to bite me, then realized it was me, and then he spent the rest of the time we were there growling and hissing. Last night there was a little bit of growling and a hiss or two but on the whole, the “I” behaved rather remarkably. I’m also pleased to note that he is in good health and that we have kitty tranqs to give him when we drive the Weirdoes up north. YAY!

Lastly, for you JSFR junkies, I happened by Wizzywig while strolling back from lunch. Oh yes I did and the theme for the next coming weeks is: GUM!

Alright, that’s about all I have. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have some great inspirational something to share with y’all. Or I could just blather on like I always do. Hmmm, choices, choices.

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