The Friday “Whoops!” Post

Whoops that, forgot to post yesterday, which is very odd because I was all The Rebel (rarh!) and…ummmm, well feeling very “That’s nice but I’m supposed to care about this why?” It’s the perfect attitude for being in a posting mood but it didn’t happen. Instead I continued being a rebel (rarh) and wore my “Devil may care” attitude quite well (and most sportily too if I may say so) all day.

“Boo! We need this thing done Right Away!”
“Uh-huh, I’m sure you do.”
“Boo! This issue is a crisis!! It needs attention!”
“I’m sure it does.”

…and then I’d just continue sitting on my hinder because really? Nothing is so very that important that I need to jump up like my nethers were on fire and hop to. I’ll hop to when I’m good and ready to hop to and in the mean time, the place isn’t burning down and people aren’t dying. Oddly enough, the place didn’t burn down and people didn’t die while I moseyed about my tasks. Huh that.

Anyway, Wednesday I was all out of sorts and morbid and sad and depressed so your welcome there for the not posting at the booniverse. Thursday, err, there was really no excuse for Thursday. I just didn’t post. Today, however, I post! I post to tell you that I have a lot of JSFR, but I already told you that. I also post to tell you that TheMan is doing server brain surgery today which may or may not be done in a jiffy. Or, the blogs could be down for quite a long time and I’ll get a TON of work done on the super secret Japanese project. OH! And I’ve predated a JSFR for you junkies. Enjoi!

I really need to start working on a “chore list” because I’m getting really rather cranked at the house. First off, there are the chore chores like dishes (fie on you! You dirty Horde!) and the laundry that never end. Bah to both. But then there are the projects like the bathroom (I’m not talking about the bathroom), the kitchen pantry project, the book shelf arrangement initiative and the whole plan to move the cat’s litter box downstairs which hasn’t yet happened. I need some project gnomes to come into my house and start on these because damn! The Q house is in a high state of disorganized disaster.

Oh right! Now we have the bed project too. Grrr!

Anyway, it would figure that I could do a little something every weekend or what have you but while I’m really good at starting things I’m terrible at ending stuff. I have the two big cherry bookshelves moved into the bedroom (about 2 months ago?) but have I organized them? Of course not. One of them stands just as empty as it did when it was in the small bedroom. So, I’ve basically just relocated the shelves to another room instead of solving the bizarre shelving crisis we have (which is: We have tons of stuff to go on shelves and lots of shelves but somehow the stuff never gets onto the shelves). GAH! Maybe I need to make a list.

Organize Bedroom shelves
Conquer the Horde
Excavate the laundry from the bedroom
Unpack the boxes from downstairs
Set up the fish tank
Move the kitty litter downstairs
Unpack the stuffed elephants (I actually came up with a plan for this!!! I mean where they are going to go, not a plan for unpacking because really. Dump the box over and wala!)
Get the downstairs bathroom done
Right. Realistically, get started on getting the downstairs bathroom done
Put together the cool kitchen pantry cabinet I bought
OK, really I don’t have a fish tank but I want one
Clean the beejeebus out of the first floor
The bed project

So that’s not so bad, except #2 and #3 are depressingly ongoing projects. I might get the stuffed elephants out of their boxes (which creates quite a lot of space upstairs once the three GIANT boxes of stuffed elephant doom are gone) this weekend, maybe put together the pantry cabinet. I still want a fish tank, though.

This weekend, other than attempting to relocate all the stuffed elephants and other household chores, we are invited to an Easter brunch thing at Alessar’s place. That’ll be nice to hang with some of the peeps and chill. Alessar is making (baking?) a hammm, I thought I’d make TheRCK’s bazillion bean salad of doom. Plus, we made an Easter basket too (because what’s Easter with out an Easter basket right?).

OK, I’m outta here! See yas on the flip side!

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