Carpe Columbus!

Aaaand we’re off!! Official leaving time after the obligatory “Ach we forgot something!” turnaround and drive back home (our wedding rings if you were curious and we were were only a block on our way) was 12:30.

One of the last vestiges of civilization in Michigan (as seen from the highway you Tecumseh peeps, simmer down) is Dundee where they just recently (5 days ago?) had a tornado rip through their happy township. There’s still quite a bit of damage as you can see.

Bug Watch 2010! This is just me being a dork but also a cool shot if I may say so. And I may because it’s my blog.

This is the second or third time I’ve looked at this pic and said “What??!?” and then five minutes of pondering later I remember that I was caught by surprise when the ‘Welcome to OHIO!’ sign was in the median and not off to the side. I have no idea why, the sign has been in that location for a diggity million years but do I remember in time to snap a pic of it? Ever? No. I kinda like the shot though.

So instead you get the Dayton-Toledo road split sign. Good enough for government work. I do believe it was around now (an hour out) that we had the following conversation.
TheMan: Did you grab the ditty bag?
Me: Ummm no, didn’t you bring it down after you put your toothbrush in it?
TheMan: No, I thought you might have something else to put in it.
Me: Crap. No it was just waiting for your toothbrush and then it was good to go. Lemmie call Badmovie and see if they have left yet.

Much to Badmovie’s eternal amusement, they had not left so on the way out they ran by the house and picked up all our meds and toiletries that we left on the upstairs floor. I even noticed that TheMan had taken his toothbrush and presumably packed it in the bag. Which he presumably then dragged downstairs when in fact it was sitting on the floor open practically in the way and I was all “La-da-da!” Huzzah the BadGardens! Because it really sucks to turn around after an hour out on a three hour trip.

Bag troubles sorted out, we were free to look around the vista. That don’t look right. I’m just sayin.

Of course we ran into weather on the way down. I’m beginning to think it’s not a trip to Origins without some severe storming.

We listen to tunes on the Deedelt while the outside gets pissy. I tried to get a lightning shot for y’all but the camera wasn’t cooperating and the camera operator was less that experienced at lightning shots. It wasn’t for the lack of opportunity though. Wow, that was stormarific.

We don’t know what it’s carrying but we know what it isn’t. After the storm subsided a bit we switched out drivers and TheMan manned the camera. His picture skills aren’t as 1337 as mine, by which I mean he probably needs a good day with the camera before he starts taking award winning Pulitzer pictures. I probably could study the camera for the next ten years and maybe I’d figure out how to photograph lightning.

Sloppy Donkey? Doesn’t that sound like a euphemism for some Mexican back stage quicky?

Here’s another storefront that had us perplexing. Who are they aiming their advertising to with “She Drinks Like a Man”? Is this a good thing?

Three Fifty…the witching hour at Collingwood. Also it’s our official arrival time in Columbus. Hello Columbus!

Shark Puppies. Very Dangerous. You go first.

2009: Mr. Smithee’s kid scared me too much to post with her drawing of Shark Puppies.

2008: It should have been more accurately called The Thing that Lived for a Very Long Time but Was Sort of a Wuss There at the End.

2007: JSFR: Watering Kissmint (key lime)

2006: I mean, look at that thing!

2005: Today, undead finger is just sore rather than alarmingly painful with oozing ow.

2004: It kept not being Ohio for the longest damned time until I thought we might have actually slipped onto a tread mill part of the highway.

2003: I usually go for the cute and cuddly (which you shall see as soon as I get my shark puppies finalized) but not Little Smithee. Yikes!

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  1. Amy Says:

    Our reaction to the Sloppy Donkey: Worst. Christmas. Pageant. Ever!

    This led to extremely blasphemous speculations regarding how the donkey got so sloppy and a fit of giggles that much annoyed Frost, who was trying to sit on us at the time.

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