Chu-Chu-Chu, Chu-Chu, Chu, Chu-Chu-Chu!

I was introduced to a new game this Sunday, Katamari Damacy, in which a bunch of ducks (of two different flavors even) sing the above line. It’s the funniest computer game I’ve seen in a while: The King of All The Universe goes on a bender and breaks the moon and stars, about which people are understandably upset, and tells you, the Prince of All The Universe, to go gather enough stuff with your rolling sticky marble (Katamari – and yes, you can get to the point where you are rolling up giant octopuses) so he can remake the stars. Of course, you (being only the Prince of All The Universe) are only 2cm tall so you have to start little. Pins, pieces of candy, thimbles, needles, ants the like stick to your rolling sticky marble until its big enough to pick up oranges, mushrooms, frogs, small flowers and mice. Eventually you wind up picking up buildings, bridges, barges, Godzilla and islands. Crazy! You can even pick up people (and they make the BEST noises when you roll them up).

It makes me want to rush out and get a PS2 just to play this game.

But I get ahead of myself, for it is Monday and that can only mean it is time for the weekend in review. Now complete with pictures. Oh yes, I photographed for you people so you would have some visual stimulation as you read my Pulitzer writings.

Friday! I do remember what happened Friday because TheMan was swapping servers and things did not go as swimmingly as he had planned. Computers never go as swimmingly as they are planned so I was all set to hang about until 8 or so. By 10:00pm TheMan was ready to do the brain swap only to discover the scuzy card was firmly locked down on the old server with a shiny set of phillips screws. Not so bad if you have the tools but a major stopping point when someone has taken all the tools to the other office. He drove me home, grabbed some tools at home and headed back. I crashed on the couch and was woken at 3am when TheMan came home. OUCH! No pics from Friday.

Saturday! Saturday I felt like ASS all day long so I basically alternated staying in bed and doing chores. It worked out pretty well, actually, since I got a ton of rest and I nearly got the laundry done. The peas of resistance though was unpacking all the stuffed elephants. Whoooo! Check that off my list babE! My grand plan was to move all the books down a shelf (there was one entire open shelf at the bottom of the books) and put the elephants on the top shelf. Wala! Except I could only fit about 15 or 20 of them up there. I have over 200. So I made artsy little corner tableaus, artsy little side wall tableaus, artsy little book end tableaus, artsy little corner tableaus on top of the artsy little tableaus, artsy little any space not taken up by the books tableaus and artsy little under the shelves tableaus until finally every one of them was out of the box and somewhere (artsy).


Behold! Here is a bunch of them I fondly refer to as “The Elephant Pile”. That’s maybe a fifth of the total phants.


Here’s another bunch that made the bedroom cut. I have a TON of elephants. Hee. The boxes are packed and gone from the upstairs and it looks mighty spacious up there.

Unfortunately, the boxes haven’t yet gone to where they are supposed to go to (Dirge and Shar will be blessed with three giant sized boxes for packing their stuff) so they are sitting most inconveniently in the living room. It makes getting here and there a tad difficult but the cats are in cat heaven. Boxes? Boxes?!?? BOXES! We love the BOXES!!!


Oh boy oh boy oh boy, I’m in the grand daddy of all boxes.

The only problem and my current source of amusement is that the boxes are a tad too tall for the kitties to get out of comfortably. Oh, they can get in right fine but out is a bit tricky. There has been more than several cat wipe outs this weekend. Heh!

After lying about I got fed up with being sick so I went out shopping. HA! It wasn’t too bad but I wasn’t terribly in the mood to be dithering about the store either. Get my stuff and go. Consequently I was done a little sooner than I expected, which would have been great but TheMan called in an order to Applebee’s for pick up so I had to loaf around. I wound up moseying over to Target and guess what? There were about a half dozen desperate shoppers looting the already picked over Easter aisle at 9:30 at night. That’s prepared! (coming from someone who sent Easter goodies on Friday – which! I’ll have you know, got to their destination Saturday. I heart the U.S. Postal Service!) I picked up the food, came home and we had sweet meals that we didn’t have to cook.

Although! TheMan gave the Horde a good smacking Saturday evening so we actually had some room to cook if we wanted to. Which we didn’t. Yay Applebees! Check that out, three things crossed off my list of crap that needs attention. Plus, I lazed around all day Saturday. Best weekend ever!

Sunday was not so grand for TheMan. He has The Sick. Poor TheMan. He was in bed most of the day while I got up at 9ish (I have no idea why) and started in on the Easter egg prep.


Boil, boil, toil and HEY! That floaty egg had a blow out! Bad egg! The brown eggs were in there for filler so that the white eggs wouldn’t rattle around too much. Unfortunately I lost a bunch of white eggs to cracks and one catastrophic shell failure so I wound up dying the brown eggs anyway. Brown eggs are singularly weird to dye.

Oooo! Shiny rainbow colors! But you don’t want to be tasting this one. Blergh.


I call this piece “Eggs in Dye”. It’s about mankind’s desire to return to the womb. Notice the egg imagery, harkening us back to pre fetal times yet the glasses remain open at the top. This signifies man’s desire to go back but illustrates that any comfort and safety he might find there is all an illusion; man is one precarious slosh away from being spilled onto the cold wooden slats of reality.

No, this piece is not for sale, it’s much too personal and I don’t think I could bear to part with it.

TheMan begged (and shivered) out of Alessar’s Easter brunch thing so I went solo. Bubbles, Ken, Jason, Alessar and I had a feast of fantastic and yummy proportions (hamm, bread, wonderful taters, lime bars and a metric ton of Easter candy) and then Bubbles showed us her new PS2 crack. AHHH! Man oh man. *giggle* Later we played Ninja Burger, which I will be picking up at Origins this year. It was, all in all, a very good time as Alessar puts on a pretty fab brunch. Is it still a brunch if everyone leaves at about 9pm-ish?

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