Origins ’10: Buttons in the Breezeway

We had our…umm…hold on. OK, third official, fourth color your own and…fifth annual Buttons in the Breezeway event. As usual, things went well if not a little chaotic.

On account of something or other whatever, we did not get our badges yesterday. We thought, “No problemo, we’ll saunter down around 10ish and pick them up.” Which we did, all but the pick them up part because they didn’t have them. At all. Anywhere. They didn’t even have a record of them, along with 1800 other badges. Stinkin badges we don’t need no…well actually we do but not to run an event. This was a good thing because it took them 4 hours to come up with badges for us for various reasons and that was smack in the middle of buttons. We did get to hang out at the badge place for a few hours and got to admire the stairs. They are giving me Stupid Smithee Ideas.

Around 12:30 we tromped down to this off spur area of the Breezeway to set up, being that it was the only place with tables. I miss the hallway of gaming tables…most particularly when we wandered out to get our badges and discovered no tables anywhere in the Breezeway. This disturbed me since I was running an event called Buttons in the Breezeway and…no breezeway activity. The con book, although I was listed in the Glossy version (I have no idea but I gathered it’s like the King James con book but better and if you made the Glossy you made it period), didn’t particularly say where the Buttons in the Breezeway was going to be, save the name. Which implies breezeway yet…no tables. So I asked.

And here is where I get all “Hrrrm” cranky at the new and improved Origins organization because we were told, “Oh yeah, we had a big discussion about that. We weren’t sure what you were going to do since we didn’t set up gaming tables in the breezeway.” Nice. Did they tell me at all that there was going to be a glitch? Nope. It would have been nice to have been a part of the “Where will they go” discussion. An e-mail maybe? Also WHERE ARE THE BADGES!!!

An hour into the event the badges were finally done. HUZZAH! We were all Game Masters this time out and we were all from Columbus, OH. I guess that works for blending in with the natives. Maybe?

Serious disorganization issues.

We had fun though and I think everyone who came did as well. Here’s Stalker Ty making himself a personalized Smithee button.

Have I ever showed you Stalker Ty’s tattoo? He’s so hard core he did it himself with a rusty Smithee button and melted Crayola Crayons.

OK not really but it makes a good story.

2009: Waiting for badges and not updating.

2008: Apparently it took a quorum to figure out what category to put the Smithee Awards into.

2007: And then they had to figure out where we were all from.

2006: JSFR: Rennyu Ichigo

2005: I have never been so far ahead in Origins Promotions prep! Whooooo!

2004: And of course, what tiny mock up of the dealer’s room would be complete without Giant Rampaging Gundam Things?

2004: I plan on bringing origami to origins and finish my frogs. I have 15 or 20 of them so far so that’s what…60 to 65 left to make? Piece of cake!

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  1. Amy Says:

    The thing is, had a tattoo shop not been available, I truly believe Ty would have done it with a rusty Smithee Button and crayons.

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