These Are A Few Of My Amusingest Things

Nothing spectacular today but on the other hand look! A Tuesday post. Oooooo!

The other day I was eating a bowl of Grape-nuts and TheMan looked at me all funny like and said “Damn, those are loud!” Ever since then whenever I’ve had Grape-nuts I’ll tell TheMan that I’m “eating a bowl of loud”. Heck, sometimes I just tell myself that I’m going to pour a “bowl of loud” for breakfast. It amuses the beegeebus out of me, which evidentially isn’t that hard to do. But still. Hee. Bowl of loud.

By the way, if you happen to run out of white sugar one day and think to your self “Hey, I bet my bowl of loud will taste just as good with powdered sugar! It’s white, it’s sugar, rock!” don’t bother taking that bet because it doesn’t. I’m just sayin.

Today I opened up one of the Dannon yogurts I bought and poured some loud on the top. MmmmMmmm! Because yogurt is entirely too stealthy, in my opinion. I did notice that Dannon is going to smaller containers of yogurt (6 oz vs. the older 8 oz carton) but I can’t tell if the price has remained the same or not. It’s been a long time since I’ve bought yogurt and they were having a sale of 10 for 5 bucks. I might be really annoyed at them except I discovered that 6 oz of yogurt is actually a really decent serving. Plus, a company’s got to raise the prices some time right? Hmmm, not sure where I stand on the whole issue of “anger at paying the same for less” vs. “finding out that a 6 oz serving is just exactly the right amount of yogurt”. The cartons are pretty cute though, all short and squatty. Awwww!

They are also having some sort of contest deelie where you lift the lid to get your game piece! Collect five and win a prize! Ahhhhh…ew. It’s yogurt. They want me to…collect yogurt lids? I’m not talking the clear plastic ones either. Nope, they print the game piece right on the bottom side of the peel away lid that separates your yogurt from the outside in general. Again may I reiterate the ew? I suppose it’s the best you can do with yogurt but the idea of peeling off your gooey lid to see if you have won sorta makes me say ew. Multiple times. In fact, ew again just on account. So far today I’ve collected Saturday the 21st and Sunday the 29th. I’m not sure what I shall do with my days yet, I was thinking of maybe playing them like Monopoly and if any of y’all land on my days you owe me some money.

It is absolutely fantabulous out there (which, BTW Word actually recognizes. Why? It doesn’t know ain’t yet fantabulous is good to go. Must be because ain’t isn’t used a whole lot while you just can not walk 20 feet without someone ‘fantabulousing’ you) what with the sun – ow my eyes! – and the warm and most importantly the not-precipitation in any form whatsoever. It’s very perfect weather for tootling around in my garden, if I actually had a garden, or more realistically ripping up a chunk of lawn in preparation to make a garden. I have my seeds though and I think I shall take a look see at the backs and figure out when they need to be planted in my little seed trays and what sort of germination requirements they have. Then, I might just sit down with a piece of graph paper and map out a front runner garden. I have an idea that involves roses and herbs that might just work. If it doesn’t, whatever. I like roses and herbs are cool, they will amuse me and that’s all that matters. Oh, plus it will keep the mail man from walking across our damn lawn. Score.

Speaking of score, I buzzed over to Dirge and Shar’s to drop off some boxes, but not the giant boxes of doom, and wound up carting back a whole pack of books Dirge was getting rid of. Le score! Mostly they were back filler for Advanced D&D and D&D 2nd Edition but I also came back with an entire milk crate of Stephen King books…and a milk crate too. Score^2 because you can never have enough milk crates.

I have a recipe for sloppy joes and a pound of ground lamb. Tonight we feast on Lamby Joes! (you take away the sins of the world; have mercy on us). Yeah, going straight to hell for that one but I can not get it out of my head. It amuses me greatly.

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